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As security threats become more sophisticated so do the range of vendors Dicker Data represent. From the edge to the core, endpoint to cloud, our local security experts are on hand to design, build and support compelling solutions for your customers.

Cyber Security Matters

Dicker Data’s software team includes 9 security focused vendors. See here for a comprehensive view of the software unit’s security vendors and how they work together.

A lot of organisations are moving to the cloud, but they still have to ensure they are compliant to current laws and regulations. But having parts of their infrastructure managed by a cloud provider means they need transparency of their platform, systems, usage and users. Without this transparency, you will not be able to identify risks that are born from usage. Unlike On-premises or private clouds which generally have clearly defined roles such as datacentre provider, data owners, custodians etc, public clouds use a shared responsibility model that requires you to be even more diligent in your efforts for compliance.


Learn more about Cloud Compliance here.

A layered security model is a security strategy considering that there is not a single system / appliance / software that will be able to stop all the attacks coming into a network. So the idea is to have additional systems that can ensure a better coverage. How to decide what should be implemented? It is possible to look into an existing layer model like the OSI (Open Systems Interconnection) model for networking that has 7 layers. Traditional security mechanism feature in the lower levels (1 - 4) but with the emergence of services and applications, levels 5 – 7 grew in importance.


Secure your everything: a guide to layered security.

Collecting data such as business and personal information has always been a commonplace practice for a range of companies. While it was assumed that businesses should lock it down and keep it safe as part of standard operating procedure, unless there was gross negligence or a huge attack it has not been front of mind for many companies, in particular SMBs.


GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and NDB (Notifiable Data Breach) are frameworks for industry to make sure that all necessary data is protected, and reinforced via fines or censure if infringements have been proven. While GDPR focuses on personal data of European citizens, it is still enforceable to any Australian business that has an establishment, offers goods and services or monitors the behaviour of individuals in the EU. It should also be noted that the Australian Privacy Act 1988 shares many common requirements with GDPR.

Device proliferation is increasing, research shows device usage is on average 2.4 devices per user. As these numbers rise, a business’ attack surface (endpoint or device) is also increasing. Whether using Windows, Mac, Android, IoS, Endpoint protection is a critical component of a comprehensive business security strategy.  From the basic anti-malware and web protection up to a complete EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response), endpoint security vendors offer today a great variety of features to enable businesses to protect their endpoints.

Zero Trust can be defined in many ways and have just as many models as outlined by different vendors and Cyber Security organisations. The overarching Zero Trust model has one axiom: “Trust No One” and a good security posture should be planed and implemented with this in mind.  The reason for this model is that attacks and threats can transpire from inside the network as well as from the outside.


Therefore, no Device or User should be given default access to any resource and every access  should be protected with a reputable authentication solution and security protocols, whether accessing from within the network perimeter, or from the outside.


5 Steps to Implementing a Zero Trust Security Strategy

Everyone using a computer or smart device has a role to play in cyber security. The relaxed culture of  our society, and lack of knowledge is what the cyber criminals prey on. Phishing, simple and easily guessable passwords, misconfigured security applications, all these vectors are the most common methods cyber criminals gain access to systems.


By bringing cyber security awareness to your attention, the statistics of social engineered cyber-attacks can be significantly reduced. Simple policies to increase password and authentication complexity and security, and education to recognise threats; this all plays a role in implementing your cyber security.


Find out more about the role of people in cyber security here.

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Our Software Security Vendors


Microsoft Security Distributor

Microsoft recognises that the digital world requires continuous evolution in their commitment Security. Dedicating over 3,500 global security experts, $1 billion investment in research and development annually, and the latest in AI and automation, Microsoft Security is a critical, integrated element of the business’ cloud solutions and services.

Discover Microsoft

Citrix Security Distributor

Responsibly adopting advanced technologies requires a critical eye on cybersecurity and data privacy. Citrix designs products around centralised delivery, visibility and control of apps and data. Security is built into the core of Citrix solutions and practices.

Discover Citrix

Trend Micro Security Distributor

Trend Micro delivers simplified anti-virus security solutions spanning hybrid cloud security, network defence, and endpoint security across small-to-medium businesses and the enterprise.

Discover trend Micro

Forcepoint Security Distributor

Address your customer’s security needs with industry leading data-centric cybersecurity solutions; Data, User and Edge Protection. Forcepoint’s humanly-attuned solutions adapt in real-time to how people interact with data, providing secure access while enabling employees to create value.

Discover Forcepoint

Check Point Security Distributor

Check Point Software technologies is a provider of cyber security solitons delivering IT software and hardware products for IT security including network, endpoint, cloud, mobile, data security, and security management.

Discover Check Point

Kaspersky Security Distributor

Kaspersky deliver cybersecurity solutions by transforming leading security intelligence into real protection for end-users across small-to-medium business and enterprise. Kaspersky endpoint security solutions provide next generation protection and control for every business endpoint.

Discover Kaspersky

RSA Security Distributor

RSA business driven security solutions allow businesses to detect and respond to advanced attacks, manager user identities whilst reducing risk, fraud and cybercrime. RSA solutions include, security integrated risk management, threat detection and response, identity and access management and fraud protection.

Discover RSA

Trustwave Security Distributor

Trustwave is a cybersecurity and managed security services provider that helps businesses fight cybercrime, protect data and reduce security risk. From data protection technology to managed security services Trustwave helps businesses manage digital transformation securely.

Vendor Security Healthchecks

The Dicker Data Software Security team has collated a list of Cyber Security Health Assessments alongside our Industry Awarded security vendors. Let our Software Security team provide you with further information and guidance towards making your cyber securty solutions a simple, effective and profitable investment. 


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