Configuration and Staging

Building and Deploying Your Solutions.

Configuration and Staging

Building and DeployingYour Solutions

Providing a comprehensive range of configuration services for endpoints, servers, storage and networking devices, Dicker Data’s Services team can cater for requirements of all sizes and complexity. Whether your customer simply needs additional memory installed, or thousands of devices to be imaged, asset tagged and pre-staged prior to deployment, Dicker Data’s configuration and staging services can assist.

In addition to offering complete flexibility, Dicker Data offers seamless integration for our partners and their customers’ operational and technical environments. Remote connectivity is available for all partners who would like to conduct remote work on their customers’ hardware prior to shipment. Our partners also have the option to attend our premises and utilise our configuration and staging facilities first-hand.

Dicker Data’s dedicated configuration and staging team operate out of a purpose-built facility that has been designed to manage multiple, large-scale projects. This provides our partners with the ability to scale their operations and increase their capabilities. From item level customisation through to the roll-out of thousands of devices, our configuration services are scalable to fulfill your requirements, no matter how big or small.

Over the past 45 years, we have:
  • Imaged and staged thousands of devices
  • Deployed thousands of projects
  • Managed server, storage and networking solutions