Here at Dicker Data, the Software Security Team has been working smarter to help our partners get on top of cyber threats and provide partners with a proactive approach and guidance to Cyber Security Health Checks.

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Your Cyber Security Health Assessment

Cyber security incidents that impact small business can be devastating.

An organization in Australia is being attacked on average 282 times per week since February 2020.

Cyber security doesn’t have to be difficult. With the recent news in the media about cyber security threats impacting the Australian Govt and local businesses, there are simple measures that if understood and implemented, can significantly avoid, or reduce the impact of, the most common cyber security incidents.

Malicious cyber activity against Australia is increasing in frequency, scale and sophistication,” Scott Morrison - Prime Minister of Australia. Media Release 30 June 2020

There is no escaping the fact that cyber security threats will remain part of modern business, and the risks associated with this need to be identified and managed.

Threats such as Phishing, Ransomware, identity theft through social engineering, Brute Force password attacks are amongst the most common and successful infiltration methods used by cyber security criminals. Any organisation is susceptible to cyber-attack, regardless of its size, location, operational model and sector.

Here at Dicker Data, the Software Security Team has been working smarter to help our partners get on top of cyber threats and provide you, our valued partners, with a proactive approach and guidance to Cyber Security Health Checks. We have outlined a list of our Industry Awarded Security Vendors along with the Security Health checks available that can be performed for you and your clients.

Check Point

Check Point’s online and on prem Cyber Security Health Checkup program uses the latest technology and state of the art methods to analyse and report of any threats. Followed up by a Certified Check point representative, we can certainly assist you or your clients with any advice or direction on your security posture. 

CP Check Me

Instant security assessment for the network, endpoint, cloud and mobile environment. 


Scans an organisations domain and detects lookalike domains that can be used for phising attacks. 

GDP Rates

 Application that detects the customers' GDPR risks by understanding what security solutions they are using and not using. 

Security Checkup

In depth onsite CyberSecurity health check. Analyse networks, traffic and threats over a two week period. 


Speak to our Dicker Data Check Point Team today. 

Checkpoint_FE (1)


Kaspersky Professional Services and Health System checks offers you a complete audit with a comprehensive report with actionable recommendations to meet industry best practices.

Threat Intelligence Portal

Ability to upload samples and suspect URL for feedback and analysis. 

Security Assessment

In depth Security Assessment Services 


Speak to our dedicated Kaspersky BDM




RSA provides a broad array of services that help address key security needs and challenges. These services reduce business risk and improve overall security posture by identifying, mitigating and eradicating threats, and advancing risk management and compliance program.

RSA Advanced Cyber Defence & Incident Response Services

Provide incident detection and breach response services to help detect and respond to attacks.

Free* Network Assessment

This assessment provides deep visibility into potential threats and malicious targeted activity - using RSA Netwitness. *T's & C's apply

Risk Recon - Third Party Risk Monitoring 

Perform third party portfolio wide diagnostics and prioitisations. 

RSA Cyber Incident Risk Framework Web Assessment

Gain a high-level understanding of your organisations security maturity. 


Contact our RSA BDM



Trend Micro

Using Industry awarded threat defence technology, Trend Micro’s security assessment service delivers seamless scanning and reporting of threats keeping Australian businesses safe and operational.

Trend Micro Cyber Security Assessment Service

  Quick and easy-to-run security assessment providing  a detailed view of threats fond across segments of the organisation. 


Speak to our Dicker Data Trend Micro BDM


Cyber Security Best Practices

Along with the above security checks from our trusted cyber security vendors, here are some cyber security best practices and tips to help keep your systems and practices secure:

  • MFA authentication both internal and Remote Access.
  • Strong Authentication Policies.
  • Keep Windows & Microsoft Updates current
  • Up to date Antivirus and Antimalware protection
  • Conduct regular automatic Backups with encryption; and test your backups.
  • Think about threat prevention at Multiple layers. Protect your perimeter, endpoints, SaaS applications, data, etc.
  • Secure your WiFi networks with strong authentication, and limit access to the network.
  • Limit employee access to data and information on a strict necessary basis only.
  • Protect BYOD devices such as mobile phones and tablets with malware protection, strong authentication, and mobile management solutions.

Act responsibly and proactively towards your clients and their business. It’s your clients that are keeping you in business.

For any guidance on Security please reach out to our Dicker Data team


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