Maximising your profitability with every purchase.


Maximising yourProfitability

The team at Dicker Data understands that the profitability of your business is absolutely critical to your success. That’s why we’ve invested in dedicated staff who work across multiple areas of our business to assist you in maximising your profitability each time you purchase from us. Dicker Data views each of its valued partners as a whole, as opposed to a vendor-by-vendor basis. This unique approach to doing business with you enables us to help you maximise the incentives available to your business every time you engage with us.


Dicker Data’s sales teams take care of the deal registration process with your chosen vendor partners when you bring your opportunity to us. By completing this simple process on your behalf, we don’t only reduce the administrative overhead for your business, we help to protect your deal from your competitors. Furthermore, deal registration can often help you to get preferential treatment from your chosen vendor which can make or break the success of your deal.


Deciphering complex vendor incentive programs can take up valuable time and when you’re introducing multiple vendors to a single deal, the complexity can often multiply. Dicker Data’s teams of vendor experts are here to help you understand and maximise the incentives on offer to you. We’ve guided thousands of partners over the last 45 years and helped them to maximise their profitability. In some cases, by simply understanding and maximising the incentives on offer, deal profitability for a partner organisation can increase by over 10%.


Many end-customers are now demanding the ability to pay for their IT solutions on a monthly basis. In years gone by, this was a problem that had to be solved by partner organisations, or they risked losing the deal. Dicker Data is pleased to introduce its Financial Services division which can help any partner, regardless of deal size, to procure their products at a monthly price. By offering flexibility on the contract term and allowing you to choose what you want to do with the devices at the end of the agreement, Dicker Data Financial Services offer competitive finance offerings that can help bolster your profitability and help you win more business.

Over the past 45 years, we have:
  • Conducted thousands of profitability studies
  • Maximised profitability by leveraging vendor incentive programs
  • Leveraged our relationships to maximise partner proitability