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Why Dicker Data as a Distributor for Check Point?

Our Dicker Data software and security teams work closely with our Check Point partners in order to understand their business, markets and challenges when it comes to cyber security. Together with Check Point we assist our partners with providing the right solution for your customer’s individual needs to ensure comprehensive solutions eliminate the threat of attack and risk.

Dicker Data Check Point partners can leverage available sales, technical presales and product management support for all Check Point cyber security solutions. Our team is certified across both sales and technical architecture solutions, with regular training to identify new opportunities. Partners will also have access to promotions, incentives and Dicker Data Financial Services which can assist your customers with financing options.

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Check Point Infinity Distributor

Check Point Infinity is a consolidated cyber security architecture across networks, cloud, mobile and IoT providing the highest level of threat prevention against both known and unknown cyber-threats. This solution secures mobiles, endpoints, permitter, cloud, sandboxing and more, all backed by Check Point’s Threat Cloud. With an efficient security architecture including centralised management and seamless integration, users will gain full visibility allowing threats to be detected in real time.  

Check Point Security Network Distributor

Check Point’s Next Generation Firewall’s integrate the most advanced threat prevention designed to prevent any cyber attacks, reduce complexity and lower costs. These Next Gen Firewalls can react quickly and seamlessly when it comes to detecting and reacting to outside attacks across the network. Next Generation Firewalls are more advanced and can identify and completely block malware before it enters the network.  With Simplified management, solutions vary from local SMB environments, to high performance scalable platforms.  

Check Point Cloud Security Distributor

Check Point’s CloudGuard SaaS for SaaS Security protects enterprise data by preventing targeted attacks like phishing and account takeovers on SaaS applications and cloud-based email. CloudGuard SaaS features effective breach protection, rock solid identity protection and an AI engine that analyses hundreds of indicators. CloudGuard works directly with One Drive, SalesForce, Office365, G-Suite, Drop Box, ServiceNow, and many other SaaS solutions.

Check Point Mobile Security Distributor

Protect corporate data on mobile devices with Check Point’s SandBlast Mobile; a market leading mobile threat defence solution. SandBlast Mobile offers enterprise mobile security which protects threats to the OS, apps and network without impacting device performance or user experience. With this cloud-based management console you’ll gain access to real-time threat intelligence, detailed reports of incoming threats and more.


Frequently Asked Questions

To become a Check Point partner you'll need to follow the below steps: 


- Register via the Check Point Website
- Submit a business plan
- Once you register online you must then go into PartnerMap and complete the Sales Certifications


This process normally takes a few days to complete. If you have any questions please email licensing@dickerdata.com.au


Yes, our team members are trained and certified in both sales and technical aspects of the business. This will allow us to better assist you with any Check Point related questions. We see our role as being part of your sales and pre-sales team to help support any Check Point opportunity.


Yes, our team members can assist you with scoping any opportunity. Our extensive experience in various solutions across multiple vendors allow us to see the bigger picture and provide a complete scoping solution.

Check Point accomplishes Subscription-based modelling a little different to other vendors.


Contact our team to discuss the available options. Email licensing@dickerdata.com.au


Check Point’s advance Threat Prevention Cloud Protection solutions not only secures your public cloud but it allows for orcherstration and management of both Check Point & other vendor solutions.

There is a Demo Site where you can view Check Point’s MSP management consolde and give it a test run. Contact our team discuss access to the Demo site.


Email licensing@dickerdata.com.au


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Check Point Distributor
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Check Point Software Technologies is the worldwide leader in cyber security solutions.  Check Point is a multinational provider of software and combined hardware products for IT security, including network security, endpoint security, cloud security, mobile security, data security and security management.


Check Point Architecture delivers consolidates Gen V cyber security across networks, cloud and mobile environments making Internet communications and critical data secure, reliable and available everywhere. Check Point is the only vendor that can provide complete protection for the entire web environment. Check Point gateways such as VPN-1 and Connectra are now equipped with Web Intelligence in addition to Application Intelligence and Stateful Inspection to provide multi-layer defence for the network, operating systems, web servers and back-end systems.


As technology evolves and threats prevail Check Point continues to develop new and innovative security solutions that redefine the security landscape with customer needs at the forefront of operations.

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