Introducing Workspace ONE Mobile Threat Defence

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Cybersecurity for Your Mobile Devices: Introducing Workspace ONE Mobile Threat Defence

When you combine the rapid adoption of mobile devices with the continuing growth of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) programs, it’s no wonder that endpoint management and cyber threat detection have become such a challenge for enterprises. Additionally, these trends are expected to continue. IDC predicts companies will spend $84 billion on endpoint management software in 2021 — an increase from just $32 billion in 2018. And by 2021, IDC also estimates that nearly two-thirds of employees will use personal devices for work purposes. This means the need for mobile security solutions is greater than ever before.


What is Workspace ONE Mobile Threat Defence?

Mobile Threat Defence (MTD) is a new feature of the Workspace ONE secure mobility solution. By combining threat intelligence with machine learning, risk analysis and secure web gateways, Mobile Threat Defence provides a complete defence against malicious apps, fraudulent websites, and unauthorized access to sensitive corporate data. One of the key advantages is that it can be managed from a single console — no matter if devices are on-prem or in the cloud. This means organizations can deploy and scale security policies for mobile apps and web content in seconds, not days.


Why should you use Workspace ONE Mobile Threat Defence?

Mobile devices can be vulnerable to all kinds of cyber threats. And while you can prevent many of these, the best protection is to prevent attacks from happening in the first place. Therefore, you should consider using a mobile threat defence solution. The core benefits of Mobile Threat Defence include: - Comprehensive coverage: Mobile Threat Defence cleans apps and websites, detects threats, and protects against data loss. - Real-time protection: Mobile Threat Defence analyses app content, traffic, and user behaviour in real time. This means any threats are detected and blocked immediately. - Safe access to sensitive data: Mobile Threat Defence uses an encrypted connection to ensure that data transfer is secure. - Easy to deploy: You can deploy Mobile Threat Defence to all your devices in a matter of minutes. And there are no additional management requirements.


Key capabilities of Workspace ONE Mobile Threat Defence

  • App cleaning: Helps you clean up your device to keep it running smoothly. This includes removing unnecessary apps, disabling auto-run, removing device data and more.
  • Threat detection and blocking: Protects your devices from malicious apps, fraudulent websites, and unauthorized access to sensitive corporate data.
  • Data encryption: Ensures data transfer is secure by encrypting data with AES 256-bit encryption.
  • Safe BYOD: Safeguards your employees against data loss and lets you enforce compliance.
  • App insight: Provides detailed insights into the performance of your apps. This includes the number of crashes, the cause of those crashes, and more.


Three ways to combat cyber threats with Workspace ONE Mobile Threat Defence

  1. Blocking unwanted apps: This helps you identify and block malicious apps from accessing your device. This includes apps that try to trick you into installing them.
  2. Blocking fraudulent websites: This lets you identify and block fraudulent websites. This includes websites that try to trick you into entering your sensitive information.
  3. Detecting and preventing data loss: Detects unsanctioned data transfers and lets you prevent your employees from losing sensitive information.



Mobile devices are a powerful resource in today’s workplace. However, they also introduce security concerns that you might not encounter with other types of devices. This is especially true if you aren’t using the right mobile security solutions. Cyber threats are on the rise, and it’s important to take steps to protect your company against them. A mobile threat defence solution can help you combat cyber threats by blocking unwanted apps, fraudulent websites, and unauthorized data transfers.


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