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Enabling your business to get started with IoT solutions


Unlocking the
IoT Opportunity

In 2017, Dicker Data launched Australia’s first and only channel-focused Internet of Things (IoT) Community to address the thousands of partner businesses across Australia that want to get involved in IoT, but don’t know where to start. Many partner businesses are struggling to define and articulate the business value that can be delivered by the IoT and when their customers ask about IoT, they’re quick to change the topic.

Dicker Data partners with specialist IoT vendors to package solutions which help our clients make their first move into IoT. These can be easily deployed to start delivering valuable business insights within days of implementation. In addition to packaged solutions we have partnered with vendors who can enable partners to deploy IoT networks and deliver business value with a flexible, easily deploy-able IoT solution stack.

Our enterprise-grade IoT solutions can enable your customers to realise monetary and service benefits across several lines of business operations. If measuring or monitoring something can translate into a business benefit, an IoT solution could possibly be a game changer. Talk to us today regarding how IoT can realise transformational benefits for your customers. 

Our IoT practice has helped partners to:
  • Establish their own IoT offering
  • Create value propositions unique to their business
  • Expand the lines of business they deliver to their customers
  • Expand value-add to operational areas of business