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Why Dicker Data as a Distributor for Cisco?

Dicker Data was named Cisco’s Global Distributor of the year in Q1 2020 in conjunction with being named Cisco’s Australian Distributor of the Year for 2019. Dicker Data’s Cisco team is equipped with the training, accreditation and experience to deliver world-class networking, simple security, one-stop collaboration, and streamlined data centre solutions to partners.


With a dominant focus on mid-market and SMB partners, as a value-added distributor, Dicker Data’s Cisco team provides the “next layer” of specialisation investing in technical resources, tools and digital marketing across a few core pillars – an area identified where partners these days require more support. Australian IT resellers can leverage exclusive Cisco partner focused programs, incentives, technical training, sales and marketing enablement across Cisco’s product suite.


Accessing all these benefits as a Cisco reseller is straightforward thanks to Dicker Data, the leading Cisco Distributor in Australia. Our network of IT resellers includes thousands of Cisco Partners, most of whom achieved Partner accreditation with help from the experts here at Dicker Data.


We started out as a technology distributor over 40 years ago. Now, we’ve grown to become an industry-leading volume distributor thanks to our support services, unrivalled selection of solutions and commitment to helping our customers grow.



Cisco Networking Distributor

Cisco’s intent-based networking is transforming the way you connect people and technology with switches, routers and wireless access point technology solutions. Built on Cisco DNA intent-based networking takes a software-delivered approach enabling you to streamline your business operations.



In today’s world, as businesses embrace digital networking as a means to increase efficiency in the workplace, being able to supply Cisco products to your clients is essential. Dicker Data is a Cisco Networking Distributor that’s always stocked with the most advanced and secure solutions. Expand your product offering and gain professional recognition by partnering with us.

Cisco Security Distributor

Cisco’s end-to-end security protects networks from the very edge all the way to its core, with products and services covering malware protection, cloud security, network visibility, next-generation firewalls and router security, among much more. Put cybersecurity above everything else with Cisco's industry-leading threat intelligence.



There’s no denying that cybercrime is on the rise, which is increasing the demand for robust digital security solutions, and Cisco develops some of the very best. As Australia’s leading Cisco Security Distributor, we can provide resellers with the latest and most secure solutions for their clients, helping all parties involved grow to new heights and modernise.

Cisco Collaboration Distributor

Accelerate teamwork with stronger employee engagement and customer experiences with next generation Cisco collaboration utilising voice, video and messaging to create a single user identity, delivering personalised experiences for the modern workforce. Cisco Webex - hassle-free video conferencing that works.



Strengthening communication in the workplace while improving the customer experience is not just a necessity in the digital era; it’s also the most efficient way to bolster your brand while improving productivity and streamlining several core business tasks. Offer your clients the very best Cisco Collaboration solutions by partnering with Australia’s leading Cisco Collaboration Distributor.

Cisco Internet Of Things Distributor

Deploy Cisco IoT networking solutions and keep operations running smoothly with Cisco’s IoT management.  Engage Cisco IoT data management to extract, compute and move your data, or protect your IoT deployment with a secure IoT solution architecture.


The IoT has already changed the way in which businesses and even households operate. As more and more gadgets and devices become internet-enabled, an increasing number of companies are realising the ease of being able to manage just about all their devices using one platform. Learn more about IoT and why you should offer it to your clients by talking to our local Dicker Data Cisco distribution team.

Cisco Data Centre Distributor

With Cisco Data Centre solutions, automate IT tasks with Automation and Hybrid Cloud, analyse apps in real-time with Cisco’s analytics, assurance and security suite, simplify and speed up deployment with Compute and Storage and achieve architecture flexibility with Data Centre Networking.


Cisco Data Centre solutions can mitigate financial risks to any business due to their scalability. Should your client wish to increase or decrease their bandwidth or data storage requirements, they’ll be able to do so with ease. We’re an award-winning Cisco Data Centre Distributor. If you want to know more about Cisco Data Centre Solutions, please contact our team.

Cisco Service Provider Distributor

Cisco service provider solutions assist with helping IT service providers transform with open, automated, programmable, multi vendor networks. With a cloud to client approach, multi vendor solutions can be broken down into streamlined open network architecture.


Being able to migrate a range of multi vendor platforms into one easy-to-use solution boosts data security, makes remote collaboration straightforward and enables you to modify your solution as and when required. Talk to Dicker Data, Australia’s top-rated Cisco Service Provider Distributor, to learn more about the benefits of Cisco’s service provider solutions and how they can help you grow.


Frequently Asked Questions

If you’d like to sell Cisco products, you’ll first need to become an authorised Cisco Partner.

Please contact our Dicker Data team for any assistance you might need.

Becoming a Cisco partner gives you access to a range of benefits, from being able to save money on orders to gaining access to a broad range of support services. You’ll also gain recognition for being a reseller of a top-rated name in the IT industry. If you’d like to discuss any Cisco opportunities please reach out to our team.

You can find details on the benefits of the Cisco Partner Program and information on how to sign up here. If you have any questions, or would like any assistance, please reach out and contact our team.

If you’d like to register as a Cisco Partner, enabling you to resell Cisco products and services, you should follow the application process steps outlined here. Our Dicker Data Cisco team can also assist with the application process, please contact us if you would like to register as a Cisco Partner.

Once you become an authorised Cisco Partner, you’ll have access to Deal Registration. Please contact our team for assistance with placing your deal registration. We work closely with Cisco and can help you identify opportunities and  make deal requests, or you can apply using the Cisco Partner Portal.

If you want to know more about Cisco products or how to become a partner, please contact our Cisco team. You can reach our Cisco team here. If you would like to find out more about Dicker Data or becoming a partner please contact us here.

Why Cisco
for MSPs

As Cisco’s leading Global Distributor, Dicker Data works closely with Cisco to offer MSPs a comprehensive and integrated portfolio of world-class networking, simple security, one-stop collaboration, and streamlined data centre solutions to partners.

Offering MSPs solution-based portfolios and salable as-a-service programs, Dicker Data’s Cisco team is committed to providing MSPs a wealth of resources and support to develop new and unique services, attract new customers, and improve business scalability, profitability and operational models.


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Cisco Distributor
for Australian IT Resellers

Cisco is a leading global vendor of IT and networking technologies designed to transform how people connect, communicate and collaborate in the modern workforce. Cisco was built on the foundation of connecting the unconnected and has built out their portfolio solutions across networking, security and collaboration.

Servicing enterprise, service provider and mid-small sized businesses Cisco offers Australian IT resellers the most comprehensive portfolio of products and solutions designed to transport data, voice and video without limitations.

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  • Trade references for us to contact to verify your business
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