New Facility development

238-258 Captain Cook Drive Kurnell

Documentation: Development of 238 - 258 Captain Cook Dr, Kurnell, NSW 2231

In accordance with SSD 8662, Section C21, Dicker Data is providing access to the documentation required below:

Pre-Construction Compliance Monitoring Report Dicker Data Ltd Ver 0.1
Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Management
Biodiversity Development Assessment Report
Bushfire Protection Assessment Report
Community Contact Information Sign
Complaints Register Project 238 January 2020 Report
Construction Environmental Management Plan
Environmental Impact Statement
Flood Emergency Response Plan
Ground Floor Plan
Groundwater Management Plan
Landscape Drawings
Office Overall Elevations
Plan of Subdivision Lot1 DP225973 and Lot 2 DP1088703
Roof Plan
Site Plan and Staging Plan
Stormwater Management Plan
Acid Sulphate Soils Management Plan
Amended Architecturals
Approval Letter & Community Consultation and Complaints Handling Management Plan SSD 8662
Biodiverity Pre-clearance Survey
Biodiversity Management Plan Final
Compliance Monitoring and Reporting Program Ver 0.1 Incl Preconstruction Compliance Report
Construction Environmental Management Plan & Approval Letter
Development Consent APPROVED 20190412 Dicker Data Warehouse SSD 8662
Dicker Data Response to Submissions (amended)
Environmental Impact Statement
Flood Diagrams
Flood Emergency Response Plan Approval Letter
Flood Report (Revision B)
Interim Advice 8 Endorsement of RAP from EPA Auditor
Landscape Plan
Landscape Design Certification
Noise Report
Remediation Action Plan IA5
Section J Report
Stormwater Report
Sydney Airport - Notice to Proponent of Property Development Below the OLS
Sydney Water Letter RTS
WSP letter RTS SSC
Dicker Data Warehouse IEA - Final Report October 2021
Modification of Development Consent
Operational Environmental Management Plan (OEMP)
Long Term Environmental Management Plan - October 2020 - Version 3
Independent Environmental Audit Report Final - April 2022
Stormwater Monitoring Event
Stormwater Monitoring Program
Construction Traffic Management Plan
Complaints Register - 2022 Year - 238 Captain Cook Drive, Kurnell NSW Project