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Why Dicker Data for Data Centre Solutions?

Dicker Data is Australia's most highly certified distributor of data centre solutions. Our team work with you to understand your customer’s requirements and then scope, design, configure, build and deploy datacentre solutions on your choice of technology platform from the world’s leading vendors including, APC, Dell Technologies, Cisco, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Intel, Lenovo, Pure Storage and more.

APC Data Centre Solutions Distributor

Protect and optimise data centres and networks for cloud and big data architectures with APC. Transform your data centre and maintain uptime with APC power protection, racks and accessories or leverage EcoStruxure, an end to end micro data centre solution.

APC Solutions

Cisco Data Centre Solutions

With Cisco deploy business applications, data analytics, desktop virtualisation, and cloud solutions faster using proven data centre solutions. Cisco's portfolio of integrated infrastructure and service solutions deliver consistent, highly secure, and reliable business results.

Cisco Solutions

Dell Technologies Data Centre Solutions

Dell’s hyperconverged solutions transform the way data centres operate in enterprise businesses. From the edge to the cloud, simplify your data storage needs, optimise workloads at any scale and secure your data assets with the intelligence you need.

Dell Technologies Solutions

HPE Data Centre Solutions

HPE's data centre infrastructure solutions span servers, storage, networking, infrastructure management and services. Gain cloud-like agility, security and economic control of your data centre with HPE software defined data centre infrastructure solutions.

HPE Solutions

Intel Data Centre Solutions

From memory-intensive business data to the cloud, Intel® based servers power any workload and lift data centre productivity. Intel's portfolio of innovative server products, systems and solutions help to power the needs of the modern data centre.

Intel Solutions

Lenovo Data Centre Solutions

Lenovo delivers cost-effective, reliable and scalable data centre solutions spanning servers, storage, networking, software-defined systems and software. Lenovo solutions are engineered, tested and certified to accelerate business advantages.

Lenovo Solutions

Nutanix Data Centre Solutions

Design, build and manage your data centre IT with Nutanix. Nutanix Enterprise Cloud is a modern, software-defined solution that integrates all IT resources to run any application while delivering true consumer-grade simplicity that makes infrastructure management effortless.

Nutanix Solutions

Pure Storage Data Centre Solutions

Pure Storage delivers data flash storage products utilised in the data centre to simplify everything, empower developers and deliver next-generation analytics in order to accelerate business.

Pure Storage Solutions

Supermicro Data Centre Solutions

Supermicro server products deliver the highest performance, flexibility, scalability and serviceability to demanding IT environments. Supermicro storage provides maximum capacity and performance in minimal space, ideal for use in data centre environments.

Supermicro Solutions

Data Centre Solutions

Hyper Converged Infrastructure Distributor

Hyperconverged infrastructure combines common datacentre hardware utilising locally attached storage resources with intelligent software to create flexible building blocks that replace legacy infrastructure. Our Dicker Data team has the capability to build out end-to-end hyperconverged infrastructure solutions using a range of vendor platforms for our reseller’s customers. Extend the simplicity of hyperconvergence from the core to edge and multi-cloud, by powering mission critical applications and databases within the data centre. 

Storage Distributor

Dicker Data works with global storage vendors including Dell Technologies, HPE, Supermicro, Pure Storage and more to deliver forward thinking storage solutions to support our IT reseller’s needs.  Dicker Data delivers storage solutions around, NAS, SAN, D2D, DAS, LTO, the cloud and All Flash. Provide maximum capacity and performance in minimal space to achieve ultimate storage density.

Server Distributor

Dicker Data is partnered with global vendors that specialise in producing industry leading server solutions for the modern-day data centre including, Cisco, Dell Technologies, HPE, Intel, Lenovo, Microsoft and Supermicro. At Dicker Data you’ll find a full suite of server products and server management solutions designed to enhance an organisation’s business operations from the edge to the core to the cloud. 

Cloud Infrastructure Distributor

An alternative to the traditional on-prem data centre is cloud computing which involves leading data centre resources from a third-party service provider such as Microsoft Azure. Both on-prem and cloud computing can provide your business with the IT infrastructure it needs. The model you choose will likely depend on the level of security you need and the cost structure you prefer. 

Rack & Power Distributor

Data Centre racks increase the performance of IT equipment by providing proper airflow, helping to organise servers in a systematic manner whilst providing extra room for additional IT equipment. Available at Dicker Data, find racks, enclosures and accessories that serve a number of IT environments, from network closets to data centres. Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems are a critical component of data centre backup power that minimise downtime and ensure power stability for business continuity.


Frequently Asked Questions

In order to purchase anything from Dicker Data you need to be a registered reseller partner. If you are not already a partner you can sign up here


In order to purchase specific products/solutions from some vendors you may need to register your business directly with the vendor. Our Dicker Data team can help with this process. 

Yes, we have an in-house team of certified presales, technical presales and solution architect professionals who you can trust to solve your customer's business issues. When it comes to complex solution design for the data centre, our team can help you from the initial end-customer discovery meetings, through to designing a solution on the latest technology. We can also assist with deploying post sale. 


You can learn more about our Presales & Complex Solution Architecture support here

Yes, our certified team provides a comprehensive range of configuration services for endpoints, servers, storage and networking devices - catering for requirements of all sizes and complexity. Our team operate out of a purpose built facility that allows partners with the ability to scale their operations and increase their capabilities. 


Learn more about our in-house configuration and staging capabilities

Virtualisation modernises your infrastructure. Data Centre virtualisation enables a data centre facility to be used for multiple data centers on the same physical infrastructure, lowering data center capital and operational costs. 


Questions? Contact our team today. 

Yes, Dicker Data Financial Solutions (DDFS) is a simple extension of your partnership with Dicker Data offering monthly, scalable device and infrastructure finance solutions tailormade for the Australian IT channel. 


You can learn more about Dicker Data Financial Solutions here

To discuss your data centre needs or if you need help closing a deal please reach out to our local team for support. 

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Why Dicker Data as your
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Dicker Data is partnered with global leading vendors including APC, Cisco, Dell Technologies, HPE, Intel, Lenovo, Fujitsu and more. These vendors specialise in producing innovative technologies for the data centre covering your hyperconverged infrastructure, server, storage, cloud infrastructure, rack and power needs.  Regardless of what your requirements within the data centre space are, our team of technical and product specialists can help build tailored end-to-end solutions.  

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