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Why Dicker Data as a Distributor for Supermicro?

Our team understands that IT requirements are always changing, and we understand that sometimes IT managers simply require data centre solutions that work with their application requirements without unnecessary bells and whistles. Here at Dicker Data, we’ve worked closely with Supermicro to develop solutions for the SMB market with a range of server and storage options that will meet performance needs at a competitive price tag.


Our reseller partners can leverage our Supermicro Dicker Data team’s technical knowledge and expertise to develop a solution optimised for your customer’s needs and help them stay ahead in an ever-evolving era of computing.

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Supermicro SuperServer®Distributor

Supermicro Ultra SuperServers are designed to deliver the highest performance, flexibility, scalability and serviceability to demanding IT environments, and to power mission-critical Enterprise workloads, including support for the 2nd generation Intel® Xeon™ Scalable processors and a new class of big, affordable memory - Intel Optane DC Persistent Memory. The Mainstream Application Optimized SuperServer® is designed for entry level or volume selections.

Supermicro SuperStorage Distributor

SuperStorage provides maximum capacity and performance in minimal space, ideal for use in Enterprise, Data Center and Cloud Computing environments. With Double-Sided Storage® architecture, drives can be stacked and packed in the front and rear of the server chassis for ultimate storage density. Hot-swappable drives, high-efficiency power supplies and cooling fans enable these systems to provide high-availability and easy maintenance.

Supermicro All-Flash NVMe Distributor

Supermicro All-Flash NVMe offers the highest storage throughput performance and application responsiveness. It provides broad support of advanced form-factors including EDSFF, U.2, and NF1. It also offers petabyte-scale all-flash NVMe storage in 1U for extreme density and capacity. Hybrid NVMe solutions can be built as required for application requirements.

Supermicro BigTwin™ Multi-NodeDistributor

BigTwin™ is the 5th generation in the Supermicro Twin Family with a multitude of innovations and engineering breakthroughs. While historic multi-node systems traded off features and capacity for higher density, BigTwin™ offers the highest performance and highest memory density on a single node. BigTwin™ 2U systems supporting two or four nodes with 24 DIMM slots. Flexible storage options including all NVMe and hybrid NVMe/SAS3/SATA3. SIOM networking options including 10GbE, 25GbE, 100GbE and IB.

Supermicro Embedded Edge Systems Distributor

Supermicro's Embedded SuperServers are application optimized, cost-effective and ideal for space-constrained applications. It comes in multiple form factors optimised for IoT or Embedded Application requirements. Supermicro edge servers are competitive in price and performance while providing high-reliability, low-power operation.


Frequently Asked Questions

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Supermicro Distributor
for Australian IT Resellers

Supermicro is a global leader in high performance, high efficacy server technology and innovation, developing and providing end-to-end green computing solutions to the data center, cloud computing, enterprise IT, big data, HPC, and embedded markets. Supermicro’s Building Block Solutions® approach allows them to provide a broad range of SKUs and enables them to build and deliver application-optimized solutions based on end user requirements.


Supermicro is currently the fastest growing provider of server, storage and networking solutions. It is ranked among the Fortune 1000 companies with global operations in 100+ countries.

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