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Why Dicker Data as a Distributor for Intel?

Together with Dicker Data and Intel, Australian IT resellers can access Intel’s industry leading computing innovations as soon as they become available.

Dicker Data IT partners can leverage the knowledge and experience of our dedicated local Intel product and business specialists. As Intel is predominantly an “ingredient” company, our team have the capacity and expertise to provide flexible, yet rapid solutions built from other vendor hardware parts we already stock.


Dicker Data is a leading Intel distributor in Australia, supplying a range of Intel systems and devices ideal for home, office, or enterprise. As an Intel distributor, we are fully equipped with exclusive products, access to technological solutions, marketing materials, and ongoing customer support. Our strong relationship with Intel as a technology distributor means we have direct access to the latest Intel products to power PCs and devices to improve education at home, business efficiency, and creative innovation.



Intel NUC Distributor

The innovative Intel NUC is a compact mini PC with the power of a full-sized desktop featuring a small digital footprint with maximum performance capabilities. Dicker Data distributes a full range of Intel NUC solutions including the Intel NUC 7i5BNH, a mid-range offering including RAM, storage, and a pre-installed copy of Windows 10.  At Dicker Data, we are able to provide ready to go solutions as well as customised NUC solutions based on user requirements. 


A NUC by Intel allows consumers to build their own computer. A NUC is like a PC at the palm of your hand. Get all the power and performance of a desktop computer with near-zero footprint. These small yet versatile devices are perfect for office environments and startups. With plenty of power for multimedia, home users can upgrade to a home media centre, while the next-generation Intel Core processor provides enough room for graphics-rich gaming.

Intel Server Products & Components Distributor

Optimised for performance Intel delivers innovative server products, systems and solutions to help businesses grow. Intel Servers are optimised for high performance computing, hyper-converged infrastructure and outstanding storage performance. From entry level, to storage servers, rackmounts/ pedestal, RAID cards and more, the Dicker Data team can equip you with your customer’s needs. Intel Data Centre Blocks are purpose built and can be configured to meet your individual requirements.


As a server distributor, Dicker Data can provide server solutions for the modern data centre. Purpose-built data centre blocks are ideal for use in High-Performance Computing and Artificial Intelligence applications. Intel’s server products and components reduce complexity, while Intel server boards supply customers with reliable performance to address their individual needs. For creative professionals, Intel’s Visual Compute Accelerator addresses the growth and demand for video creation and graphics-intensive workloads. Trust Dicker Data to provide a broad portfolio of innovative server products to help your customers be more competitive.

Intel Compute Stick Distributor

Intel’s Compute Stick device is a small USB like, fully functional PC that plugs into a HDMI port, operating with Windows 10, high quality graphics and wireless connectivity. Expand your computing potential with a Compute Stick built for performance and sized for convenience.


Consumers in the market for a super portable, more powerful storage solution will benefit from the Intel Compute Stick. Featuring Intel Core M Processors and fast wireless connectivity, these functional ports can deliver new opportunities for the portable workplace. Transform your HDMI TV or display screen into a functional computer with access to Intel HD Graphics, video display, Quick Sync Video and Turbo Boost technology to improve application performance and intensify gaming experience.

Intel Solid State Drive (SSD) Distributor

Modernise your infrastructure with Intel’s Solid State Drive (SSD) providing flash based storage, optimised for performance, reliability and endurance for data centre needs. Intel’s SSD’s for consumer use increase PC responsiveness and reliability levels, with excellent storage for any application.


With no moving parts and extraordinary reliability and efficiency, Intel’s Solid State Drive (SSD)  is a better solution to the traditional hard drive. Assisting in scalable solutions for the modern data centre, businesses can retrieve data at much higher speeds reducing delays and downtime.

Intel Network Communications Distributor

Intel’s Ethernet Product suite consists of adaptors, controllers, switches, optics and cables for networking infrastructure. With intelligent, programable and scalable software defined infrastructure, access advanced performance from the core of the data centre to the network edge.


Intel’s Networking & IO suite allows users to scale to meet the demands of their network and enjoy less latency with an advanced Ethernet solution. For use in hyperscale data centres or intelligent business IT infrastructures, the Intel network suite should be at the core of any enterprise in this data-centric world.



Frequently Asked Questions

In order to buy and resell Intel products you must be a Dicker Data partner. If you are not yet a Dicker Data partner, you can sign up here

Intel provides a vast product range for the channel, these include NUC Mini PC's, Pedestal / Rack Mount Servers, Consumer Data Centre Solid State Drives (SSD) and Networking peripherals. Intel provides all the 'ingredients' to enable our partners to create their own unique solutions or choose premade solutions from the Dicker Data range. This provides our partners flexibility in their solution while enabling rapid deployment once the solution is ready for roll out. 


Dicker Data stocks various Intel products to ensure consistent supply for our partners. Partners can also utilise our configuration service to tailor a solution that suits the end customer. 

If you are a Dicker Data partner you can log into our website and view the Intel product catalogue here. If you are not a Dicker Data partner and you'd like to talk to the team about availability, please email sales@dickerdata.com.au


Intel® Technology Provider is a global membership program for businesses that resell or recommend Intel® technology. As a Registered Partner with Intel, you will have access to a number of benefits as you progress through the membership tiers. With the program, you can learn about the latest Intel® technologies, and become a trusted expert through multiple online and face-to-face training opportunities, offered exclusively to Intel® Technology Providers.


You can join here. Remember to let Dicker Data know your business ID to get recognised!

If you have any further inquiries regarding Intel please contact our local sales team for assistance. 

Intel Distributor
for Australian IT Resellers

Intel is a global leader in pushing the boundaries for high performing computing innovation. Intel build the essential technologies that serve as the foundation for technology vendor’s computing devices.

With a deep understanding of the modern data centre, Intel delivers an innovative portfolio of computer, networking, data storage and communication platforms including; servers, storage, NUC’s, processors and more.

Together with their partners, Intel services the IT industry across Australia with leading edge solutions for consumers, gamers, developers, SMBs, enterprise, education and government departments. Deliver powerful performance with Intel Technology.

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