Leverage advanced data management and storage solutions supporting business continuity and productivity initiatives now and into the future.

Thomas Wozniak Thomas Wozniak ANZ Marketing Manager at Seagate Technology
Thomas Wozniak

The Future is Data-Driven

Remote work has intensified the avalanche of data moving around an increasingly complex ecosystem. Growth in Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning, multi-cloud and edge computing has led to the explosion of digital information, catapulting data management to the forefront of enterprise priorities to ensure resilience, security and continuity.

Felix Iskandar, Product Manager at Dicker Data said,One of the greatest challenges organisations are facing, now and into future stems from the management, storage and utility of data in an increasingly distributed data landscape.”

Despite the abundance of information, many businesses don’t utilise their data effectively to extract maximised value. The rise and tremendous potential of advanced data technologies have touted data management one of the most formidable business differentiators for success.

Dicker Data and Seagate have partnered to provide forward thinking and efficient data storage solutions to IT reseller partners and their customers.

Putting data to work

The ability to manage torrents of data is critical to a company’s success. Gartner research indicates 80 percent of executives agree their companies will lose competitive advantage if they do not effectively utilise data in 2020 and beyond. But even with the emergence of data-management functions, most companies remain behind the curve.

Over the next two years, enterprise data is projected to increase at a 42.2 percent annual growth rate. A treasure trove of value! But fact is, today only 32 percent of data available to enterprises is put to work. The remaining 68 percent goes unleveraged. Businesses industry-wide need to develop a robust strategy for organising, storing, transferring, analysing and deploying their information assets.

Using public cloud and on-premises data storage solutions offers users highly scalable architectures while improving the efficiency and management of data meeting various business needs. Veeam is one of the most popular backup applications on the market and they have turned to Seagate for efficient, flexible and high-performance storage systems to address customer requirements.

The Veeam-ready Seagate® storage systems have been certified as primary data storage solutions for Windows Servers, providing an efficient, low-cost platform the Veeam Backup Repository can build upon. These systems ensure high performance, scalability, and built-in protection to support a variety of scenarios and capacity needs.

Solutions like the Seagate® Exos X are designed to enable users to access reliable service, storage systems and business-centric Network Attached Storage (NAS) systems to manage rigorous workloads with capacities up to 18TB.

Data in motion supports business innovation

Data in motion is actively moving from one location to another, from endpoints, through edge, to public, private, or industry clouds. The amount of data stored at the edge is growing at a faster rate than data stored in the core. The Seagate Re-Think Data Report suggests businesses today transfer about 36 percent of data from edge to core. By 2022, this will increase to 57 percent, meaning enterprises will need to manage a lot more data in motion.

Businesses need data in motion for maximum utility. To make sense of data efficiently, there is a need to see data lakes as reservoirs, where various streams of data interconnect to enable analytics, interpretation, and insights for business decisions.

If information remains stagnant across different locations, businesses will experience an increase in data sprawl and siloed data, limiting access for those who need it. The Seagate Nytro Enterprise Solid-State Drive (SSD) supports a dynamic data ecosystem, enabling real-time business responsiveness, instantaneous data availability and meaningful insights, at speed.

Simplifying the multi-cloud ecosystem

Enterprises often struggle to access and move data that resides in the public cloud, losing the value potential of data available in the public cloud context. As a result, companies increasingly mix up their storage options, choosing to manage data in the multi-cloud ecosystem. However, handling data in a secure and cohesive manner when it’s spread across multiple systems and locations can be tricky.

The Seagate Re-Think Data Report states managing data in multi-cloud environments is the number one data management challenge expected in the next two years. A multi-cloud ecosystem can make data management difficult, as it can result in disparate management tools, separate workflows, a lack of unified security and challenges related to moving data.

All of Seagate’s enterprise storage systems enable the vast growth needs of public and private Cloud providers, the diverse and expanding needs of the Edge, and the specific and customised needs of service providers and traditional data centers. The Seagate Exos and Nytro Systems offer a revolutionary modular approach to building and deploying data center storage systems.

According to Seagate, the solution revolves around how business leaders see their stored data, going beyond data democratisation and into storage unification. CIOs should be able to look across the multiple cloud ecosystems in a seamless manner.

DataOps is business critical

As the changing nature of business operations continues to move virtual, DataOps play a key role in the long-term success of data management, enterprise use and connecting data creators with data consumers.

Research indicates 91 percent of organisations have defined, or are in the process of defining, a formal DataOps strategy, while 86 percent plan to increase spending, investment or development related to DataOps over the next year.

The implementation of DataOps are essential in providing organisations with real-time data analytics and insights, increased collaboration amongst teams and enhanced efficiency and productivity particularly when analysing financial performance, improve customer services and experiences and business critical decision making.

With Dicker Data and Seagate’s partnership, partners and their customers can leverage advanced data management and storage solutions supporting business continuity and productivity initiatives now and into the future.


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