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The Future of Data Storage | Seagate

The more we rely on data, the more complex the world’s IT architecture becomes. According to IDC, the global datasphere will grow from 33 zettabytes in 2018 to 175 by 2025. Since almost every business relies on data to operate, this exponential growth in data is driving an increasing need for scalable and effective storage and processing. Added to this is the need to enable high-speed Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and complex analytics capabilities.

Seagate recently announced a new modular storage solution specifically designed to manage any enterprise’s increasingly complex data storage needs. It provides expandable data storage components with high capacity points, unprecedented performance, availability, and growth agility.

Data is in Seagate’s DNA

As a storage industry leader, Seagate powers the storage infrastructure for most of the world’s data today. Customers have been taking advantage of Seagate technology for 40+ years, either directly, or through OEM relationships with leading vendors like Google, Amazon, Dell, Microsoft, and Netflix (amongst many others).

Its revolutionary new storage solution is designed to help enterprises eliminate some complexity and start leveraging the data being collected for business success. The new multi-tier architecture covers the cloud, the edge, the Internet of Things (IoT), and the traditional enterprise data centre storage model for efficient scaling. It provides a versatile modular approach to building and deploying data centre storage systems. Customers are empowered to build a private cloud to future proof their enterprise for exponential data growth while ensuring more efficient data management.

Capacity is Critical - Seagate Exos Storage Systems

The Exos hard drive family is optimised for the future of data centre storage with innovative drive placement maximising airflow and minimising power consumption. It represents the highest-capacity devices designed for data centres with trusted performance, solid reliability, ironclad enterprise security and a lower TCO even in demanding 24×7 operations.

By matching Seagate’s high capacity Exos enterprise hard drives with an enclosure that leverages up to 106 devices, it can provide an unprecedented 1.4PB of business intelligence in only 4U of rack space. This delivers industry-first capacity and density without sacrificing data access speed. With an overall maximum bandwidth of 36GB/s, customers can access business-critical and archival data with lightning speed. This enclosure is suited for high data retention requirements expected to grow.

The system’s new modular, user-focused design minimises system downtime. Its modularity makes it first-in-class for reliability, easy setup, maintenance, and expansion via hot-swappable expanders and dual data paths, as well as redundant I/O modules, fans, and power supplies. Additionally, this system features toolless drive carriers that allow an administrator to snap drives into the 106 bays in minutes.

Data availability where and when it’s needed - Seagate Nytro Systems

Similarly, Seagate’s next generation Nytro all-flash and flash-intensive systems offer modular flexibility combining a selection of flash drives in enclosures design-optimised to support the datasphere’s highest-performance platform for maximum IOPS at minimum cost.

From drive to chassis, these fully optimised building blocks ensure fast, 99.999% data availability while balancing the cost for performance equation.

Customer focused design with interchangeable storage system components

With Seagate’s modular approach to Exos and Nytro system design, all system components - the enclosure, the controller, the firmware, and the drives — are developed by engineers working together seamlessly. This design approach is cost-optimised, with the added bonus of reducing support calls and eliminating technical learning curves. Modular architecture makes systems easy to set up, maintain, and expand with all critical components interchangeable due to common FRUs, PCMs, controllers, and software.

Customers are fundamental to Seagate’s methodical approach in designing new systems.

John Paulsen, Editorial Chief from Seagate said, “Simplicity and usability are paramount to our design with user challenges in maintaining large scale systems kept front and centre. We’ve drastically simplified the user experience with modular products that have easily replaceable parts, assembly and repair that requires no tools, and built-in resiliency that avoids frequent operator intervention.”

Dicker Data and Seagate

Together with Dicker Data and Seagate, Australian IT reseller partners can access industry leading data storage products and solutions to combat your customers’ unique data storage challenges. Dicker Data stocks the majority of Seagate hard drives, especially mission critical hard disk drives for enterprise which are always in high demand.

Rags Srinivasan, Senior Director Enterprise Marketing for Seagate said, “To ensure we continue meeting our customers’ evolving needs, we have added another route to market to sell branded data centre storage systems through partners alongside our OEM business. The new revolutionary modular design enables us to serve in an unparalleled way the emerging edge markets, as well as our cloud and traditional data centre customers.”

Partners can leverage Seagate expertise from Dicker Data’s certified technical, product and presales specialists to find the best solution for individual customer requirements. For after sales hardware and software maintenance, Dicker Data and Seagate provide customers with a next business day SLA for system parts replacements.

Partners can also access promotions, incentives and Dicker Data Financial Services to assist with competitive finance solutions for product procurement at a monthly price. Regardless of deal size, there is flexibility on contract terms and device disposal. 

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