Dicker Data

Why Dicker Data as a Distributor for ATDEC?

Dicker Data is uniquely placed in the Australian IT market, working with a multitude of technology vendors that are complimentary to Atdec’s mounting solutions.

Beyond focusing on just Atdec mounts, our team are focused on building and bundling cutting-edge solutions designed to transform and enhance user experience in the pro av and digital display market. Atdec mounting solutions highly compliment an array of our other technology vendors. Resellers can leverage our local teams technical and product knowledge at any time.


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Atdec Desk Mounts Distributor

Atdec display and monitor mounting solutions for the workspace are tailored to meet the current and future requirements of your workplace, encouraging collaboration and employee efficiency with multi-screen configurations. Atdec have a range of workplace mounting solutions including flexible, interactive mounts, set and forget, simplicity mounts and modular mounts.

Atdec Wall Mounts Distributor

Atdec digital signage wall mounts are adaptable for unique spaces, surfaces and are adjustable for a variety of indoor environments. Atdec have a variety of wall mounts specifically fixed, tilted or full motion for commercial and home applications.

Atdec Display Screen Mounts Distributor

With Atdec access durable commercial grade ceiling mounting solutions for single and multi-screen display configurations as well as projectors. Atdec display stands are ideal for small or tricky spaces, with floor bolted and floor-to-ceiling options.

ATDEC Distributor
for Australian IT Resellers

Atdec specialise in modular technology mounting solutions designed to ensure your user interactions with technology and digital displays is easy, safe and ergonomic. Engineered with infinite mounting configurations, Atdec mounts make your interaction with technologies such as laptops, TV’s, projectors, digital displays more comfortable.

Visual technology mounts are tailored to meet the requirements of public and private spaces across multiple sectors including corporate, retail, government, travel, events, media, finance, healthcare and more. Atdec mounting solutions and accessories are designed to be interchangeable and upgradable in order to provide maximum ergonomics, sustainability and cost-effectiveness. Atdec provides 10 Year Warranty on their product range. With Atdec there are Infinite Mounting Possibilities.

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