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Why Dicker Data as a Distributor for Signagelive?

Dicker Data has partnered with Signagelive to provide the Australian IT Reseller community with an innovative cloud-based digital signage software solution. Dicker Data offers end-to-end solution building for pro av and digital signage requirements. Australian technology resellers can leverage the expertise of our local distribution team who can pull multiple brands together to deliver a comprehensive solution to meet your customer’s requirements.


From presales to complex solution architecture support – our team are focused on providing the most cutting-edge solutions designed to transform and enhance user experience in the Pro Av and Digital Display market. Together with Signagelive we help resellers deploy the software that hosts/controls the content and/or device management system(s) for their digital signage.

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Signagelive Digital Signage Software

Signagelive provides the software platform to power digital signage. Their cloud-based platform is designed to provide a fully featured user interface including hosting, storage and technical support. Signagelive is compatible with most devices and used across multiple industries including retail, hospitality, education corporate, transport, automatic, entertainment and more. 


The Signagelive Marketplace contains over 500 free apps, backgrounds, editable templates and widgets for you to use with your Signagelive network and players. Signagelive software features multiple functions including scheduling, monitoring, publishing, reporting and more to create a unified user experience. The software also features a develop mode where users can extend the capabilities of Signagelive using Webhooks and APIs to build and publish custom applications and dynamic media using the enhanced widget support.


Frequently Asked Questions | Signagelive

Yes, at Dicker Data we have a dedicated AV and digital display team who can talk about your digital signage opportunities in more depth. 


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The Signagelive license model works on a per player (device) basis. You will need to purchase a Signagelive license for each player you wish to connect and manage from Signagelive.


Please contact our specialist AV and digital displays team for any enquiries. 

As a leading value added distributor we stock digital displays from a variety of vendors. Specifically, we sell a range of commercial displays from LG that will work with Signagelive applications. 


Please reach out to our team to discuss your requirements. Email sales@dickerdata.com.au


Signagelive only sell the software solution. If you're after media players and digital displays speak to our specialist AV team as we stock a range of compatible media player products. 


Contact the team.

Signagelive Distributor
for Australian IT Resellers

Founded in 1997, Signagelive is a global leader in the digital signage industry powering tens of thousands of screens deployed across 46 countries, with their cloud-based platform being available in multiple languages. Signagelive is a world leader in cloud-based media delivery solutions & Digital Signage Software, providing a platform that supports an unrivalled number of different end devices, from mobile phones to SmartTV. The platform provides a fully featured user interface or alternatively, with an API-first strategy enabling partners to build their own private-label custom portals and experiences

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If you're applying from overseas, please email accounts@dickerdata.com.au and request an application form.

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