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Why Dicker Data as a Distributor for LG?

Dicker Data have developed a strong working relationship with LG over the years, with our vision and goals aligned to servicing the display, monitor and AV needs of the Australian IT reseller community.

Dicker Data is uniquely placed as a one-stop shop to build out complete AV solutions, offering a wide range of the latest digital displays and professional AV technology collaboration solutions from world leading brands including Cisco, LG, Poly, Intel and Lenovo. Resellers also have access to ecosystem technologies from our partners at Logitech, Atdec, Meraki and SignageLive.

Dicker Data LG partners can leverage expertise form our local team of sales, technical advisors and product managers. Partners will also have access to promotions, incentives and AV specific bundles available exclusively at Dicker Data. Dicker Data Financial Services is available to assist resellers and their customers with financing options.



LG IT Monitor Distributor

LG business monitors are designed to maximise work efficiency, bringing practical benefits to the workplace with advanced solutions. LG business monitor models include curved, ultra-wide, 4K, IPS, gaming and medical models. LG Ultra-wide monitors are perfect for multitasking and entertaining, LG UHD 4K monitors enhance visual graphics and LG IPS monitors have multitasking features and IPS picture quality. LG’s computer products allow you to be productive and stay connected through high performance and feature packed monitors. Find an LG monitor to meet your needs at Dicker Data.

LG Commercial Display Distributor

With LG commercial displays, leave a lasting impact. Boasting cutting edge features and modern designs, LG commercial displays redefine the new way of delivering a lasting viewing experience. LG’s wide range of information display available at Dicker Data include, commercial TV’s, digital signage, video walls and OLED panels, all designed to allow you to amplify your business message. With Dicker Data and LG Commercial find a display solution tailored to suit the condition of your ever-changing environment.


Frequently Asked Questions

To become a Vendor Partner with LG you will need to fill out an application here. 

Yes, any reseller that has an account with Dicker Data can actively purchase and resell LG products to their customers. 

At Dicker Data we stock a range of LG IT monitors , LG Commercial TV’s and digital signage products. If you have any questions please email our team

If you have any enquiries or questions relating to LG and its products, you can email lg.sales@dickerdata.com.au.

LG Distributor
for Australian IT Resellers

LG is a global leader in display technology dedicated to providing electronic products that enhance the lives of their users. LG is dedicated to understanding our customer needs and continuing to innovate in order to offer optimum solutions and new experiences with the latest technology advancements.
LG IT business solutions provide users with a variety of computer monitors and computer accessories designed to create a visual connection, enhance productivity and improve daily operations. LG Commercial display solutions create unique customer visual experiences with superior digital signage displays for indoor and outdoor environments.

LG is a global leader in state-of-the-art OLED display technology, which results in an ultra-thin product with superior colour reproduction. With OLED technology experience lifelike imagery with the most high-end quality picture available on the market.

With LG, Life’s good.

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