‘Adding Telstra to your offerings can open up new opportunities for your business. Our team of Telstra experts can help you get started.’ Simon Banks, Business Manager – Telstra Services at Dicker Data.

Simon Banks Simon Banks Business Manager - Telstra Services at Dicker Data
Simon Banks

Helping you sell Telstra products

One of the things we hear from partners that don’t tell Telstra solutions is that they’re not sure how to go about doing so in the right way, that the process is complicated, or that they have questions around commissions, relationships, and how to set expectations.

If you feel this way too, you’re in luck, because we’re here to help. We’ve made it our mission to make it easier for you to sell the right solutions for your customers, and that includes Telstra.

Big growth in enterprise sales

Telstra has experienced huge growth in its enterprise business in the past few years. That means getting involved and adding Telstra to your offerings can open up new opportunities for your business while supporting your customers in gaining access to the best solution for their needs.

We want to ensure our partners have access to the opportunities that help their businesses grow, and we’re committed to giving the best service possible, so we’ve listed a few of the reasons you might want to consider chatting to us about selling Telstra:

  1. We only hire experts: our Telstra team are made up of ex-Telstra staff (90 per cent of our team in fact, so they really know what they’re doing) or ICT professionals. Our expectation is that our team will provide bespoke service to each of our partners, so we only choose the best of the best to help you.
  2. Leveraging strong relationships: we deal with Telstra daily, and pride ourselves on our relationships with their teams. We can make complex processes easier and ensure your experience with the Telstra team is as enjoyable as ours is.
  3. Dedicated commissions team: as Telstra works on a commission basis, we’ve built a team to support our partners in managing their commission payments. We recently wrote an article all about how the process works, you can read it here.
  4. Access to complimentary products: we can assist you in selling products from more than 90 vendors, including Dell, HP, and Cisco. This allows you to create a robust solution for your customer and being able to do so with the simplicity of only working through one distributor. We help streamline the process so that you can keep working on growing your business.
  5. Coaching on profitability: it’s one thing to sell, it’s another altogether to make a profit. Our team love helping partners navigate the world of Telstra solutions so that you can ensure that your efforts are profitable. From pitching to closing the sale, ensuring you make a profit, and supporting you in aftercare, we’re here with you every step of the way.
  6. Bespoke service: some of our partners like doing things on their own, while others need (and want) a lot of support when selling Telstra. Whatever the level of assistance you need, we’re always happy to have a chat or jump in and assist whenever you need it.

So if selling Telstra was something you put in the ‘too hard’ basket in 2020, we encourage you to give it a go in 2021. If you’re unsure where to start, reach out and our expert team will happily talk you through your specific needs and help you plan the best way to get on board.

Starting the new year with a new revenue stream sounds nice, doesn’t it!


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