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Specialist Video Conferencing Distributor for Australian IT Resellers

Dicker Data offers end-to-end solution building for professional AV and video conferencing environments. Australian technology resellers can leverage the expertise of our local Dicker Data team who can design multi-brands solutions to meet your customers’ requirements and either establish or expand upon their existing collaboration platforms. From small huddle rooms to large meeting rooms, room solutions make video collaboration seamless for any business looking to create a cohesive experience for both onsite and remote meeting attendees.


Discover how Dicker Data as a value-added distributor can help you transform your customer’s video conferencing and collaboration experience with the right technologies.

Cisco Video Conferencing Distributor

Cisco Webex Room Kit delivers an unmatched video and audio experience with new capabilities enabling smarter meetings, presentation capabilities and smarter room/device integrations. Cisco Spark room kits integrate with LG commercial displays to bring more intelligence and useability to your small to large-sized meeting rooms.

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Commbox Interactive Display Distributor

CommBox uses the most advanced technology to manufacture interactive touchscreens designed specifically for education and corporate environments. Captivate and enhance participation with brighter, sharper images and intuitive interactivity. Featuring a tough touchscreen, CommBox displays provide an instant whiteboard, web browsing and screenshare all without a laptop.

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HP Video Conferencing Distributor

Simplify meetings with stress-free setup, an intuitive interface, and your choice of preinstalled conferencing software with HP Elite Slice. Enjoy on demand calling, easily add attendees and share content with one-touch.

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Lenovo Video Conferencing Distributor

Scalable across rooms of all sizes, Lenovo’s ThinkSmart devices simplify video meetings across people and places. Make collaboration more productive and more enjoyable with smart devices that enable greater efficiency and offer options to meet your customers’ needs.

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LG Video Conferencing Distributor

LG Video conferencing display solutions provide a high performing content communication platform which bridges management, employees and consumers with its exceptional display quality, flexible design as well as reliability. LG ultra HD displays utilise IPS display technology, delivering an immersive viewing experience. LG information displays are ideal for web conferencing, video conferences, meeting/presentation spaces and more.

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Lifesize Cloud Video Conferencing Distributor

The Lifesize cloud video conferencing and collaboration platform delivers the highest-quality video meeting experience possible. Built for global reliability and scale, Lifesize helps you meet face to face, regardless of location and from any device. Lifesize will help you create a more productive and personal meeting experience with every conversation.

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Logitech Video Conferencing Distributor

Logitech room solutions offer a consistent collaboration experience, expertly configured for fast deployment and self-service connections to any video conferencing cloud service. Logitech room solutions are available in small, medium, and large configurations, including a mini PC, Logitech conferencecam with RightSense™ technologies, PC mount with cable retention, and the Logitech Tap touch controller.

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Microsoft Video Conferencing Distributor

Microsoft Teams is a collaboration platform that enables users to easily chat, meet, call and collaborate from any location. Video conferencing makes meetings more personal and encourages teamwork. Real-time collaboration in Microsoft Teams can help boost productivity with access to the Office apps, screen sharing, meeting chats, and digital whiteboarding.

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Poly Distributor

Poly room solutions deliver powerful audio and video technologies to help turn a meeting room into a collaboration space. Purpose-built collaboration bars offer native Microsoft teams calling from a single camera device. Perfect for connecting to a touch screen display and adding collaborative whiteboarding sessions to your calls.

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Video Conferencing Solutions

Business Applications Distributor

Bring more intelligence and usability to huddle, small, medium, large and custom video collaboration rooms by leveraging business applications such as Cisco Webex and Microsoft Teams. Unified communications and collaboration platforms enhance workplace productivity allowing users to connect via chat or video call, file share and more from any location at any time.

In today’s modern workplace where remote work is the norm, business applications are fundamental for enhancing employee collaboration. Dicker Data works closely with our IT partners in helping them to design and deploy application-based solutions that integrate with their customers’ desired technology.

Video Conferencing Display Solutions Distributor

Bring more intelligence and useability into meeting spaces with ultra-high definition commercial displays. Enhance your customers’ video conferencing experience with the best professional displays for meeting rooms of all sizes, with IPS and professional-level screen quality. Dicker Data stocks a range of various sized interactive displays for all meeting spaces from CommBox, LG and Samsung.

Video Conferencing Camera Distributor

Premium video conferencing cameras feature a sleek industrial design for any professional meeting space. Ultra-HD imaging systems deliver share video, unmatched colour, and optical accuracy at resolutions up to 4K. Advanced optics in certain cameras automatically frame every participant with amazing clarity. Find a video conferencing camera to suit your customers’ meeting space from Dicker Data.

Video Conferencing Accessories Distributor

Dicker Data offers a range of meeting room accessories designed to improve video conferencing experiences. Accessories include, meeting room devices, sound bars, conference anddesk phones, adaptors, table mounts, business webcams and more. Enhance user experience with the right combination of technologies. Dicker Data distributes room kits for meeting spaces of all sizes and can build custom video conferencing solutions where required for your customer.

Microsoft Teams Room Devices Distributor

Expand your capabilities in the digital workspace by leveraging Teams Room devices to create meeting spaces that are collaborative and remote by nature. Meeting rooms need to be digitised in order to replicate the same seamless meeting experience for all employees, regardless of their physical location. Dicker Data distributes a range of Microsoft Teams Rooms’ devices from leading brands Poly, Lenovo, HP, Logitech and more.

Microsoft Teams enabled devices include; headsets, speakerphones, desk phones, Teams rooms, collaboration bars, web cameras and room systems accessories. Built for meeting spaces, room solutions are optimised for video conferencing, delivering the technology your customers space needs.

Professional AV Distributor

Deliver end-to-end Pro AV and collaboration solutions designed to leverage modern workplace technology and create smart meeting spaces. Depending on your end user requirements, Dicker Data has the resources and technical capabilities to design and deliver Pro AV solutions across multiple different spaces including personal collaboration technology, huddle spaces, meeting rooms and large/open environments.

Regardless of which software platform you’re using, (e.g. Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex, Lifesize or Zoom) Dicker Data can design a tailored room solution to support your current software platform and the size of space you’re utilising.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, our team has resources and technical capabilities to pull together a full AV/collaboration solution depending on your end user requirements. We offer different solutions based on the environment, room size, room type and preferred applications.


You can learn more here. Or you can contact our team to discuss your requirements and our solutions.

Yes, our in-house Professional AV team can recommend a meeting room solution or pull together multiple vendor technologies to create a custom solution specifically designed for your customers environment.

Small Meeting Room Solutions | 1 – 5 Users

Medium Meeting Room Solutions | 5 – 20 Users

Large Meeting Room/Conference Room Solutions | 21+ Users

If you have any questions, please contact our team and we will put you in touch with the right person.

At a minimum based on the size of the meeting/video conference space we recommend, a high-resolution webcam/camera, video display screen, microphone/s and a video conferencing system/device.

Dicker Data stocks a wide variety of industry leading video conferencing software and hardware from global vendors, Cisco, CommBox, HP, Lenovo, LG, Lifesize, Logitech, Microsoft, Poly.

If you have any questions regarding your video conferencing requirements, please contact our team for assistance.

Yes, Dicker Data Financial Solutions (DDFS) is a simple extension of your partnership with Dicker data offering monthly, scalable device and infrastructure finance solutions tailormade for the Australian IT channel.


If you’d like to discuss financing options please contact our team.

We have a full inhouse team dedicated to professional AV, including video conferencing. If you have any enquiries or would like to speak to one of our team members, please contact our team and we will put you in touch with the right person.

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Why Dicker Data as your
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Dicker Data works closely with our vendors, Cisco, CommBox, HP, Lenovo, LG, Lifesize, Logitech, Microsoft and Poly to ensure Australian IT resellers have access to industry leading video conferencing technologies. We’ve been working closely with partners to deploy collaboration solutions that are inclusive for both a physical and remote workforce.


From presales to complex solution architecture support – our team are focused on providing the most cutting-edge solutions designed to transform and enhance video conferencing user experience. Partners can view our stock catalogue for a full listing of available technologies by logging into our website. Resellers can also leverage Dicker Data’s inhouse financial services – monthly, scalable device and infrastructure finance solutions tailormade for the Australian IT channel.

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