Did you know that 75% of our Telstra team are actually ex-Telstra staff? We have a deep understanding to enable you to successfully sell Telstra Services.

Simon Banks Simon Banks Business Manager - Telstra Services at Dicker Data
Simon Banks

Telstra Training & Enablement: The Dicker Data Way

At Dicker Data our goal is to provide the best possible solutions for our partners so that they, in turn, can deliver for their customers. And we’re pretty passionate about Telstra and how their products can help us do that.

Our Dicker Data Telstra Services BDMs are Telstra Experts

We understand that every reseller does things differently – has different levels of resourcing, time, and expertise – so we take the time to understand your business and the level of support you require so you can deliver the best results for your customers.

Some of the aspects our BDMs can assist you with include:

  • Product training: not sure what to sell? We can help you work out what fits best with the current (and future) needs of your customers
  • Identifying opportunities: what do they look like and determining if they’re the right fit for your business
  • Remuneration and commissions: covering the average deal price, commissions, and how Telstra works as their structure is different from other vendors
  • Quoting: we peer review quotes to make sure you’re on track, but we can also give you the confidence to get started with quoting Telstra if it’s new to you
  • Support beyond the quote: how to engage with us for any of your Telstra support needs
  • 1-1 training: we provide guidance on your individual customers (we’ll even support you in meeting with them, if that’s what you need) so you can offer the best service, every time
  • Engaging with Telstra: we provide you with the guidance you need to navigate the Telstra ecosystem with confidence.

75 per cent of our Telstra team are actually ex-Telstra staff, so they have a deep understanding of the products and processes. Combined with the backing of Dicker Data and our dedication to offering the best service around, they’re the best team to help you confidently and successfully sell Telstra.

"Partnering with Dicker Data allows us to focus on Telstra so you can focus on your customers," Simon Banks, Business Manager - Telstra Services at Dicker Data.

If you're interested to start selling Telstra or need some support in the form of training, our team would love to help. Reach out today


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