Help your customers liberate their staff for hybrid working by giving them all the best features of their landline on their mobile.

Darius Araghi Darius Araghi Business Development Manager at Dicker Data
David Haris David Haris Business Development Manager at Dicker Data
David Haris Darius Araghi

Take the office phone with you on your mobile with Telstra Liberate

The explosion in hybrid-working has accelerated the demand for communication solutions that empower remote workers, protect brand identity, and enable continuity of corporate processes. 

Empowering remote workers 

Employees are no longer chained to their desk. With Telstra Liberate the cross-over from desk to mobile has never been more seamless. Telstra Liberate provides full office telephone functionality on mobiles, that would traditionally only be found in an on-premise phone system. 

Protect your business identity 

Telstra Liberate enables your workers to mask their personal mobile numbers and show their primary business number on their outgoing mobile calls. 

Integrate with your business applications 

Telstra Liberate integrates mobile devices with business processes such as CRM, call recording, billing and other applications. 

Better manage your incoming calls 

Telstra Liberate enables call centres and hunt groups across mobiles to ensure business numbers are answered even when staff are remote. 

Cost Control 

Avoid call forwarding charges from desk phone numbers to mobiles with Liberate. 

What is the value to partners in selling Telstra Liberate?

Customer retention 

Telstra Liberate is an add-on to the Telstra TIPT platform that creates greater customer retention by embedding customers into the Telstra ecosystem. 

Maximise commissions 

Selling Telstra Liberate as an add-on provides partners the opportunity to sell more Telstra services into telecommunications solutions for their customers, meaning more commissions for partners.  

Provide a better service 

Telstra Liberate enables partners to provide their customers with a tried and tested desk to mobile solution to capitalise on hybrid working trends. 

Whether staff work on their own or as a team, now they can be just as effective with their voice communication tools when they’re outside the office as they are on-site. 

Come visit Dicker Data at the upcoming Telstra TIPT Partner Roadshow. Contact your Dicker Data Telstra Services BDM to find out more. 


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