A new reality. Remote work is here to stay, is your team ready for the long run?

Yasser Elgammal Yasser Elgammal Head of Sales, Cloud & Vendor Alliances at Dicker Data
Yasser Elgammal

Remote Work is Here to Stay

The global pandemic has been the catalyst for a remote work revolution, reshaping the way we work and operate. As we navigate a post COVID-19 business landscape, it’s clear remote work is here to stay and empowering teams with best of breed technology is crucial for business continuity, resilience and ultimately success.

Moving forward it’s clear the digital workplace is a new mandate for every organisation. As companies plan their return to the physical office, new occupational health and safety requirements will temper a complete transition. With remote and flexible working arrangements likely to remain, it’s time to address shortfalls and future-proof your workforce.

Vladimir Mitnovetski, COO at Dicker Data said, “As we navigate this era of unprecedented change driving digital transformation and innovation, businesses have the opportunity to build the new world of work. Organisations need to re-strategise and harness the power of technology to equip employees with tools to strengthen productivity and maintain continuity in the new business as usual.”

“To survive and thrive on the other side of COVID-19, organisations need to embrace agile processes, workflows and devices to adapt to the fast-changing environment. Now is the time to develop future proof strategies and support teams for successful remote work, for the long run,” Ben Johnson, General Manager - Marketing & Strategy at Dicker Data said.

We’ve compiled our top recommendations on how to set employees up for effective and productive remote working - factoring in security, connection, productivity, and ergonomics across the entire value chain.

Create an office for long-term success

Today’s new normal is about balancing physical office buildings with the virtual world. While some businesses were able to rapidly adapt, assets deployed and measures taken may have been a temporary fix to what most assumed was a short-term event.

Industry Research indicates while 61% of the current workforce is working remotely, only 27% of workers have been provided with new or improved technology since the onset of COVID-19.

Planning for a sustainable and resilient future means thinking beyond an internet connection or video conferencing platform and investigating technology that is robust and scalable in the long term. With productivity and wellbeing front of mind, investing in new tools will need to encompass multitasking capabilities, speed, audio visual quality and ergonomic features to enhance current workspaces.


HP Elitebook x360 1030 G4 touchscreen notebook enables optimal portability, inside and outside

EliteDisplay E273 27-inch monitor for adjustable multi-display to power through your day in comfort

USB-C dock G5 (5TW10AA) for single cable ease & the 5G LTE to boost nomadic connectivity and productivity


Making the move to an all-in-one cloud is key for flexibility and efficiency

The cloud, internet capacity and connectivity are fast evolving and undergoing a crucial overhaul to meet remote working demands. When choosing a cloud partner, it’s vital the platform meets provisioning, reporting and data management needs of your business.

Leading multi-cloud data management provider Veritas found one of the biggest challenges in the management process is data loss due to accidental deletion, malicious users, malware, human error, data corruption and ransomware. Having an all-in-one workload system with multiple restore options not only protects and stores data assets but consolidates investment and increases work efficiency.

Dicker Data Recommends:

  • Cloud based Veritas SaaS Backup to store unlimited data from any-connected device and encourage efficient workflows


Convenience is key for productivity

Since the move to remote work, we’ve experienced a wave of digital transformation across most industries and businesses are adapting at a faster pace to support performance and secure their future.

Outdated tech can mean devices are less secure and productive. A Salesforce survey found three percent of a remote employee’s workday is consumed by tech-related issues. Investing in updated, multifaceted devices now will boost productivity, saving time and money in the long run.



Lenovo’s ThinkPad T490 with enhanced connectivity and high-speed data transfer for improved portability

Dell Technologies Latitude 7000 series Notebook helps employees work faster and more securely, for longer

Dynabook Portégé X30L balances performance and maximum power making it an ergonomic and reliable notebook for employees


Staying safe and secure

Whether in the office or working from home, businesses need to consider optimal security capabilities.

As many remote work solutions have mobilised quickly, security may have been overlooked resulting in increased cybersecurity threats. According to global cyber security solutions provider, Check Point Software Technologies, over 192,000 COVID-19 related cyberattacks are reported per week.

Data and privacy protection are a priority item on the business continuity checklist. Businesses need mechanisms to address risk, safety and privacy concerns of both operations and employees. This includes tackling “camfecting”, that is, when hackers take control of webcams!



Lenovo’s ThinkPad T490 provides inbuilt security to protect user’s privacy 

Dicker Data provides you with access to the world’s leading technology brands and a range of unique value-added services. As a one-stop shop we help you harness available technology to maximise continuity and build resilience. In times of change we can support your business to achieve desired outcomes.


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