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Why Dicker Data as a Distributor for Dynabook?

Dicker Data and Dynabook are uniquely placed in the market to help Australian IT resellers access the latest leading-edge hardware products from Dynabook. Our dedicated team are equipped with the knowledge and experience to help our IT partners grow their businesses and understand the benefits of choosing leading laptop, storage and accessory products designed with quality and reliability in mind. As a Dicker Data partner, resellers have the opportunity to leverage some of the best deals and incentives in the market.

Dicker Data offers a range of value added services and Dicker Data Financial Services. Elevate your customers businesses and user productivity with Dynabook solutions from Dicker Data. 

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Dynabook Notebook & Accessories Distributor

Dynabook & Toshiba notebooks are designed to help users work smarter and achieve more. The Portege and Tecra notebook series are durable, ultra-light, and equipped with productivity and manageability features. Laptop & notebook accessories including storage solutions, docking stations and other accessories that are designed to enhance user productivity.  

Toshiba Storage Product Distributor

Store and protect your files and data with Toshiba storage solutions. Toshiba portable USB hard drives are a smart companion for any device from mobile devices to high-end desktops or PCs. Designed for security, with higher transfer speeds, backup and protect data with flexible storage solutions.


Frequently Asked Questions

To discover how you can benefit from partnering directly with Dynabook, please contact the Dynabook team. 

Yes, any reseller that has an account with Dicker Data can actively purchase and resell Dynabook products to their customers. 


If you are not already a Dicker Data partner, you can sign up here. If you need assistance with this process please contact our team

Dicker Data stocks both Toshiba and Dynabook notebooks, portable hard drives and accessories such as docks and adapters. Once you are a Dicker Data partner you can log into our transactional website and search Dynabook or Toshiba for a full list of products available. 


If you have any questions regarding a product please contact our team

If you have any enquiries or questions relating to Dynabook and its products, you can email our team

Yes, our Dicker Data team have numerous value added services and technical team members that can assist with opportunities. 


If you have any questions please email sales@dickerdata.com.au


Dynabook Distributor
for Australian IT Resellers

Dynabook formally known as Toshiba, is a global leading IT hardware vendor shaping the mobile computing market, having innovated more than 30 of the world’s first technology breakthroughs.  


Toshiba launched the worlds first laptop computer in 1985 and has continued to deliver innovative computing technologies integrating the latest design and technology advancements, with outstanding quality and reliability at the core. Rebranded Dynabook, the team continues to build off Toshiba’s foundations focusing on mobile and laptop computing utilising new customer-focused technologies and products.

As an entrepreneurial new business, with our core team and capabilities intact and a new factory under construction, we remain committed to innovation.

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