Explore the advancements that are shaping the future of virtual collaboration with Microsoft Teams Rooms.

Andrew Upshon Andrew Upshon Head of AV at Dicker Data
Andrew Upshon

Microsoft Teams Rooms Community Update | July – September

As the hybrid work model becomes increasingly prevalent, Microsoft Teams Rooms is at the forefront of development to continue to meet the dynamic needs of today's workforce.  

Our dedicated team is equipped to offer expert advice in showcasing the newest Teams Rooms devices, assisting with device setup and configuration, and aiding you in identifying the optimal configuration for your customers requirements. Dicker Data works closely with certified vendors to offer you a large range of certified devices to help your business thrive.  So, what's new in the Teams Rooms space? Let's explore the advancements that are shaping the future of virtual collaboration. 

Microsoft Teams Rooms has upgraded Spatial Audio! 
The audio experience of Microsoft Teams Rooms has been enhanced to deliver upgraded sound quality, whether you're using a wired stereo headset or the built-in stereo speakers. This update not only makes conversations more natural but also heightens the sense of audio presence, making it easier to follow discussions, especially when multiple people are speaking simultaneously.

Cloud IntelliFrame for Teams Rooms coming for Pro licence holders 

The advancement of AI-powered camera tech, Cloud IntelliFrame for Teams Rooms on Windows will be available to Teams Rooms Pro license holders next quarter. Cloud IntelliFrame can break up the single video feed of the room into a composite view made up of focused and framed video tiles that feature in-room attendees, so remote attendees can better see the faces of everyone in the meeting. 

Poly release the X52 camera 
Poly have released the X52 camera with 4k quality and smart camera technology. This device allows users the ability to use the Poly app and turn auto tracking on/off to select the best camera setting suitable to the meeting.  

Yealink introduce the MeetingBoard 

Yealink has unveiled the MeetingBoard—an all-in-one interactive display complete with a comprehensive video conferencing setup. Available in 86” and 65” sizes, this versatile product is suitable for any space and can be seamlessly utilized as a whiteboard during meetings. View an in-depth overview of the features and functionality of the MeetingBoard here.

Explore our extensive range of OEM hardware solutions from leading Microsoft Teams Rooms certified vendors, including Logitech, Poly, Neat, HP, Crestron, Cisco, Jabra, Lenovo and Yealink

Get hands on with Certified Microsoft Teams Rooms Devices

Did you know, at Dicker Data we have the capability to demonstrate and train you on Microsoft Teams Rooms Solutions? Our team can run training sessions both virtually, or, in person at our state of the art facility in Kurnell, Sydney. You can book in a training session here. 

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