We guide traditional telco partners every step of the way to help them become full-service technology partners.

Darius Araghi Darius Araghi Telstra Business Development Manager at Dicker Data
Darius Araghi

How we're supporting businesses with Telstra

We’re always delighted when one of our vendors adds new products or services to their offerings, as it allows us to continue to achieve one of our key goals - supporting the ICT industry to provide better solutions for their customers.

Take our partner Forsythes Technology for example, their mission is to is to deliver the right services and technology to their customers. Their focus is on reducing downtime, cyber risk and helping their customers transform with technology.

In order to continue to meet their customers growing technology needs they needed to transform into a true whole of business technology provider, by offering their customers connectivity including voice, data, cloud, and managed services. They were able to achieve this by leveraging the experience and skillset of the Dicker Data team to navigate the Telstra ecosystem and complement their existing internal skillset.

“We guide traditional telco partners every step of the way to help them become full-service technology partners.” Darius Araghi, Telstra Services BDM, Dicker Data.

We were able to provide expertise (well over 100 years of combined experience, in fact!) and support when they needed it, help them to scope and deliver on work for new customers, and liaise with the team at Telstra to assist them in offering solutions that aligned with their goals. And it’s fair to say that the results have been outstanding. As Michael Wilson, IT Sales Director, Forsythes Technology says, “We've been able to grow the business around 30 percent year-on-year for the last two years and we wouldn't have been able to do that without the assistance of Dicker Data and Telstra.”

Now that Telstra has added Adaptive Networks to its suite of solutions, it provides an additional layer in terms of what we can provide for them in the future to continue to support them in their growth, and we can do the same for your business.

If you’ve missed our recent articles on Adaptive Networks and what it offers businesses, here are some of the highlights:

  • Contract flexibility, with month-by-month, short and long term contracts to best suit the needs of individual businesses
  • Competitive pricing and commissions, a great way to add another revenue stream - talk to us about pricing and the benefits of receiving commissions from Telstra when you sell Adaptive Networks
  • Simple service supply, single fibre packages make setup and maintenance easier
  • Faster installation, we’re seeing a huge reduction in time from booking to install, meaning your customers can get up and running faster

At Dicker Data, we’re here to support our partners and vendors in reaching their goals, which in turn, allows end users to become (and stay) more connected, mobile, and efficient in their businesses.

“Telstra’s vision is to empower people to connect and our partnership with Dicker Data helps more partners transition into telecommunications and technology space, allowing them to help more customers connect and thrive.” Sachin Goel, Data & IP Product Specialist, Telstra Enterprise

If you’d like to know more about Adaptive Networks by Telstra and how we can help your business become a full service technology partner, contact us today – we’d love to start a conversation about taking your business to new heights.


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