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Why Dicker Data as a Distributor for Telstra?

Dicker Data is one of Australia’s leading distributor of Telstra services with a strategic partnership designed to assist Australian IT resellers with navigating the Telstra ecosystem, onboarding, achieving Telstra Partner Accreditation and enabling sales teams to introduce Telstra into the conversation with customers.


With Telstra, Dicker Data can help our Partners solve more of their customers problems by providing the technology and the connectivity to enable the technology. If you are an established technology solutions provider, partnering with Dicker Data allows you to take advantage of the scale and reach that Telstra has to offer. If you are a traditional telco partner, Dicker Data will guide you every step of the way to become a full-service technology partner.


Partners have the opportunity to leverage the expertise from our dedicated Telstra team including, sales, technical and product specialists alongside promotions, incentives, community-based events and workshops.





Telstra Next IP® Network Distributor

With the Telstra Next IP® Network improve the way you work and connect with one of the worlds most powerful networks. Connect sites, systems, and users over a trusted and reliable private network. Its more than just a connection; it’s an IP network with embedded access to future cloud environments, collaboration tools and applications. Telstra Next IP® Network is the architecture for high reliability, so if you’re providing managed services to your customers, there is an opportunity to also sell the network that connects those devices. Discuss your network needs with our Dicker Data Telstra Team.

Telstra Mobile Network Distributor

Telstra’s Mobile Network connects business operations and decision makers with new and innovative ways for your customers to connect, navigate and have real-time visibility on their business data to make informed decisions. With the new Telstra 5G network your customers will be able to transform the way they live and work, connect devices faster and at higher quality. With Dicker Data and Telstra discover how you can mobilise your customers workforce and processes with Australia’s most reliable mobile network.

Telstra Track & Monitor Distributor

Telstra Track and Monitor is an IoT solution that provides an automated, mapped visibility of your moving assets at scale. This IoT based solution is an affordable way to track moving assets, reduce delays, avoid inefficiencies, reduce costs and improve customer experience. Telstra Track and Monitor helps your customers to mange their assets quickly, accurately and at scale. Powered by Telstra IoT network technologies Dicker data can help find the right solution for your customers business.


Frequently Asked Questions

The first step is to apply to become a Dicker Data Reseller. Once you have your Dicker Data reseller number, get in contact with a Telstra Services BDM or complete this form to apply to become a Dicker Data Telstra Services Partner.


If you have any questions regarding this process please contact our team for assistance. 

Dicker Data have a team of dedicated Telstra experts. We can help you navigate the Telstra ecosystem and help you introduce Telstra into your customer conversations. Dicker Data hold all the relevant Partner Accreditations with Telstra so you can transact through us. We have a dedicated operations team who are specialists in processing complex orders through Telstra’s systems. Customer service is front of mind so they will ensure a fantastic experience for your customer.

Dicker Data Telstra Services specialise in Telstra’s complex private data networks, unified communications and Internet of Things. If you are selling your customers hardware or software solutions, why not consider adding the connectivity that powers those solutions by introducing Telstra into your customer conversations.


If you're not currently a Dicker Data partner you'll need to sign up here. If you need assistance with this process please contact our team for support. 

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Telstra Distributor
for Australian IT Resellers

Telstra is Australia’s leading telecommunications and technology company, offering a full range of communications services and competing in all telecommunications markets.


Telstra’s vision is to empower people to connect and the partnership with Dicker Data helps more Partners make the transition to the telecommunications and technology space, allowing them to help more of their customers connect and thrive. 


By partnering with Telstra, you partner with the largest Australian Telecommunications Channel ecosystem. This provides access to Telstra’s next generations solutions from traditional connectivity to SDWAN and IoT solutions. Telstra provide partners with cutting edge technology, scale and next generation networks to deliver exceptional customer experience.

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Once you get started on your application you'll need to have the following close by to help you complete the process quicker:

  • Your driver's license
  • Your company's registration information including ABN
  • Full information about your company Directors, including their mobile phone number
  • Information about the markets your business services
  • Trade references for us to contact to verify your business
  • A witness to verify your signature
  • If trading as Trustee company, you must put the Corporate Trustee Name and ABN# / ACN# and provide a copy of the “Record of Registration" for the Business Name

If you're applying from overseas, please email accounts@dickerdata.com.au and request an application form.

Thanks for choosing to sign up as a Dicker Data reseller. Our team are here to help you deliver the best technology solutions and we can’t wait to get started with you.

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