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As Cisco’s Global Distributor of the Year, Dicker Data is transforming the way Managed Service Providers (MSPs) operate, engage, and address todays challenges, using the solutions of tomorrow. Leveraging Cisco’s 30 year networking expertise and Dicker Data’s 42 year history of supporting Australia’s resellers and MSPs, our solution-based portfolios and salable programs enhance customer experience and digital transformation journeys. We call this the resilient distributed enterprise. 


Our commitment to support MSPs to create new revenue streams, maximise customer journeys and assist partners is demonstrated through offerings like the Provider Program (formerly CMSP) and Managed Service Licensing Agreements (MSLA). 

MSP Solutions

Cisco Security Distributor

In an era where security vulnerabilities develop almost daily, Cisco’s industry leading Secured MSP portfolio, gives partners access to world-class cloud-based tools, protecting users against malware, viruses, ransomware, and crypto mining whether they are on or off corporate networks, without complicating user experience.

As Australia’s leading Cisco Security Distributor, partners can access a no-cost promotional license program. MSPs can harness bulletproof cybersecurity and threat intelligence to enable proactive protection, visibility, and management with Cisco’s toolkit of Umbrella, Duo, Stealthwatch Cloud, Cisco Secure Endpoint (formerly AMP for Endpoints), and Cisco’s Perch Next-Generation Endpoint Detection and Response.

Cisco Networking Distributor

A digital-first approach is the business strategy of the future. Cisco’s 100 percent cloud and intent-based networking services means MSPs can leverage machine learning and automation to align networking solutions with changing business needs, zero-day deployment and integrated security with Talos Threat Intelligence group.

Dicker Data enables MSPs to access industry-leading managed networking solutions like Cisco’s Meraki, that is ready to deploy, scale, and capture value. These solutions offer location and traffic analysis, application visibility and bandwidth balancing, reducing outages, troubleshooting and operational costs. This equips MSPs to transform customer networking capabilities, physical infrastructures and empower digital workplaces with efficient operations.  

Cisco Data Centre Distributor

Data centres are business critical and modern organisations are increasingly adopting hybrid models to maximise efficiency. As an award-winning Cisco Data Centre Distributor, Dicker Data provides MSPs access to best-of-breed IT services which reduces financial risk with Cisco’s scalable and simplified management Data Centre solutions.

Streamline deployment with Compute and Storage, achieve architecture flexibility with Data Centre Networking, automate IT tasks and deliver Hybrid Cloud capabilities on Cisco UCS or HyperFlex. Programmable infrastructure built on open standards and verified solutions give MSPs real-time access to analytics apps, security offerings and desktop visualization managing customer’s risks, costs and achieve faster results.  

Cisco Business Apps & Collaboration Distributor

Moving into an experiential business landscape means working smarter and more effectively to meet new customer demands. The modern workplace requires collaboration and stronger engagement to maximise business productivity and agility.

Dicker Data and Cisco offer MSP Business Collaboration Solutions that provide cognitive collaboration and personalised experiences for the modern workforce. Leveraging Cisco’s technology for a customer-first approach, MSPs can deliver unified communication, personalised omnichannel experiences and improved conferencing capabilities to enable remote teamwork, intuitive solutions and collaborative endpoints with award-winning devices and virtual collaboration capabilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Provider Program (formerly CMSP) redesigned to offer MSPs a comprehensive and integrated portfolio of fast-to-deploy, easy to-manage, quickly scalable, and secure solutions that help empower their go-to-market strategies and grow their practices. Divided into three tiers - Select, Premier and Gold, each tier aligns with a Partner's Cisco service offerings.

With the Provider Program, Cisco pre-integrate technology and commercial components into turnkey business solutions to help MSPs deliver a wealth of unique managed services through as-a-service solutions.

By delivering Cisco’s service portfolio in a simpler and more agile way, partners can develop bespoke services and build on top of these platforms for specific business and vertical applications, attract new customers, and improve operations to generate scalable business opportunities.

The revamped Provider Program helps MSPs simplify, onboard and increase growth opportunities in both the Commercial and Small and Mid-size markets. The program helps create and launch new services to market quickly with competitive, predictable pricing. It includes training and assets to help you become more efficient and market your value-added services to capture recurring revenue and build long-term relationships.

MSPs can enjoy Provider Pricing which delivers upfront discount predictability and streamlines quoting and sales acceleration. They can also offer Cisco Secured MSP, a no-cost promotional license program giving MSPs the ability to leverage cyber and threat intelligence via Cisco’s security suite. Market development funds (MDF) are an exclusive benefit to the Provider Program. All tiers are eligible to earn MDF - with the Select, tier partners earn MDF when they book using the Provider Pricing. 

If you want to know more about Cisco solutions or how to become a partner, please contact our dedicated Dicker Data Cisco team here.

Why Dicker Data as a
Cisco Distributor?

With 42 years’ experience, Dicker Data is trusted by over 6,000 reseller partners across Australia and New Zealand. Key to our success is the ability to deliver forward thinking and end-to-end technology solutions, work with MSPs as partners and trusted advisors offering reliable, strategic, and proactive IT guidance across the entire technology value chain. We help partners accelerate business growth and deliver superior technology solutions to their customers. We invest in every stage of your business from pre-sell licensing through to solution architects, sales support, scalable device and infrastructure finance solutions, configurations services, third party logistics and project management and rollout services. 


Partnering with Dicker Data, MSPs can leverage exclusive Cisco partner focused programs and product suit including the Provider Program and access to the world’s leading and value-added services to help you, your business and client’s businesses keep growing and adapt to today’s changing market demands.

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