To ensure this year’s event delivers what our IT and technical experts need, we went straight to the source and asked you what you learn more about at this year's TechX.

Ian Welch Ian Welch Executive Director and Chief Information Officer at Dicker Data
Ian Welch

Get up close and personal with the latest in IT at TechX 2022

The new world of technology is here. Dicker Data is bringing you TechX 2022 (#TechX22) this August and September, giving technical and IT professionals the opportunity to get up close and personal with the latest technology solutions from global industry leaders.

The role of our IT professionals is rapidly changing and there is no doubt you have become a critical and valued business asset to your customers. But how do you get a competitive edge? That is the question we will be answering at TechX 2022, exposing you to the latest in technology innovation to help you move from product to solution and anticipate your clients needs as a strategic business partner.

As your value-add distributor, Dicker Data has brought together the world’s leading technical experts to showcase best in class solutions, discuss topical trends, and spotlight innovation under one roof. Best of all, our interactive expo floor will provide ample opportunities to get hands on with the latest tech and see live demonstrations of the technology in action. Dicker Data’s certified industry experts will also be on site to discuss any technical questions on the products and solutions we have available. TechX 2022 provides technical and IT professionals a rare opportunity to interact with a wide range of the industry’s most innovative solutions, while networking with leading experts.

Innovation Accelerated

There’s no question digital transformation has accelerated at an unprecedented pace, due to rapid changing needs and increased reliance on technology to conduct business and connect colleagues around the world. Technology really is the linchpin of our new way of working. That’s why TechX 2022 will explore the theme of Innovation Accelerated, discussing pivotal themes and industry challenges, including global supply shortages, new technologies, and the merging security and threat landscape.

To ensure this year’s event delivers what our IT and technical experts need, Dicker Data went straight to the source and asked you what you want to hear more of at this year’s TechX. Here’s what you had to say:

  1. Security – With escalating geopolitical tensions, this theme is increasingly salient. You told us you want to learn more about how to help keep your customer’s operating environment secure; solve against the risk of fraudulent activities; and see new technologies offering robust, streamlined, end-to-end protection. The world’s leaders in this sector will be present, including VMware, Cisco, and Citrix.
  2. Understanding new technologies – Be well-positioned to help customers transitioning to a hybrid work model, including increased understanding of managed services; seeing the latest technologies and how this can drive operational efficiencies and client experience; understanding evolution in the Cloud ecosystem and improved efficiencies with Cloud as a Service. Come along and chat with leading providers including, Microsoft, Dell Technologies, and HP.
  3. Problem solving for new world challenges – With ongoing global supply chain shortages, it is important to understand the realities of the situation and the impacts this will have on your customers. Our experts at Dicker Data Services will be ready to share the latest developments, offer practical advice about managing these challenges, and spark new, innovative ways of problem solving.
  4. Sustainability - Sustainability and corporate governance are increasingly important to customers. This theme will be prevalent at TechX 2022 and you can learn more about how Dicker Data and our vendor partners are ensuring sustainability is prioritised in every step of the supply chain. 

What to expect at TechX

TechX is the Australian ICT industry’s premier biennial conference and is the largest IT event in the region, bringing together more than 50 vendor sponsors and thousands of partners for a one night only event across Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Perth.

Attendees at this year’s TechX conference will also have the opportunity to hear from special guest Mark Iles, an industry analyst and executive consultant working with leading technology providers to drive opportunities for growth and transformation. Following his keynote, Mark will host a panel discussion with six of the world’s leading technology vendors to help you understand how their value proposition, technology, and support programs will help you meet the everchanging needs of your customers. Most importantly, led by Mark, TechX will provide you with the roadmap to capitalise on the opportunity ahead, grow your solutions and margin opportunities through exciting new complementary offerings from Dicker Data’s vendor partners.

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TechX provides you a unique opportunity to meet with Dicker Data’s vendors and learn how we can help you cut through the noise in a crowded marketplace, differentiate your offering, and truly become a value-add extension of your customer’s business. TechX will provide you with the tools to capture greater share of wallet with existing customers, while appealing to new cohorts. At Dicker Data, we understand you are a strategic pillar in your customer’s business and we are well-positioned to support you at every touchpoint, offering pre-sales support all the way through to a team of experts who can help you to build and deploy best practice solutions.

We're excited to be bringing you this fantastic, free event. 

Register Now and take advantage of the opportunity to get hands on with the latest innovations and technology solutions our industry has on offer. 


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