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Essential solutions to strengthen and future-proof your network security

Network cybersecurity risks are on the rise with weekly attacks on corporate networks up by 50 percent in 2021 . On the day of writing this blog, there were more than 28 million cyber-attacks globally. To combat these threats, CIOs have initiated increased spending in cybersecurity, with 60 percent noting it was their biggest business priority.

Dicker Data is at the forefront of technology and cybersecurity, working with a range of world-class vendor partners to ensure our resellers are best equipped to provide their end-users the most advanced protection, no matter their size or operating model. As your value-added distributor, we proactively work with you as strategic business partners and support you to build and implement forward thinking solutions suited for your customer’s dynamically evolving environment.

Key trends in network security

Cyber criminals are increasingly adopting sophisticated new methods and strategies for breaching corporate networks. They are attacking with more sophistication and increased frequency, not only targeting network exploits, but vectors such as remote workers, unsecured connections, and bring your own devices (BYOD). Here are three trends to be on the lookout for this year:

1. Increased ransomware attacks - Data is a business’ greatest asset and a breach in security not only costs the business financially, but also impacts reputation, credibility and trust with customers, employees, regulators and the broader industry. An increase of 82 percent in Ransomware attacks across Australian corporates has been recorded in the past year, making this the largest, targeted and increased area of attacks across all threats.

2. Endpoint security is key – Traditional ways of working have shifted. With increased remote and hybrid models, personal device usage, and increased flexibility, cyber criminals have the perfect opportunities and expanded access points for the perfect storm. Working with Dicker Data as a strategic business partner, IT professionals access a range of leading global vendors who specialise in solutions for endpoint security. Read our latest blog here, to find the answers to modern end-point security.

3. AI on the rise - AI is critical in cybersecurity because it recognises new threats based on patterns that a previous and known threat may have also exhibited. NetWitness solutions, including NetWitness Detect AI, incorporate AI technology to collect and analyse data across all capture points and computing platforms. They enrich data with threat intelligence and business context, accelerating detection and response. Dicker Data is a NetWitness exclusive distribution partner.

As a value-added distributor, Dicker Data works with our valued partners to keep you one step ahead. We offer Penetration Testing services to fully assess end-user vulnerabilities, enabling us to design tailored network security solutions. We take a holistic view of the operating environment, encompassing hardware and software solutions, to prevent threats from breaching the network.

Key to addressing the growing security and threat landscape is becoming more knowledgeable about how to identify and address cybersecurity threats and suspicious online activity. For Dicker Data, training is critical. We offer prevention testing services and vendor enablement and certification support. Additional ‘Train the Trainer’ sessions on cybersecurity awareness empowers our partners to also facilitate their own training with end-users. This means your customers are well positioned to identify suspicious links and threats, preventing breaches and improving the first line of defence.

Securing the cloud

Cloud networks improve operating efficiencies but can limit day-to-day system and data visibility, increasing cybersecurity risks. Forcepoint combines enterprise-class SD-WAN, advanced intrusion prevention, and seamless integration with cloud-based Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) security to secure and monitor hybrid, cloud, and multi-cloud infrastructures in one centrally managed console. SASE blocks 100 percent of evasion attempts and more than 99 percent of exploits.

Organisations need visibility into cloud applications across the business, increased visibility of location and user internet access while reducing threat detection and containment times and mitigating breach damage and remediation costs. Cisco Umbrella enables this, providing a single-solution, cloud-delivered security service. It helps customers effectively manage the expansion of remote working, roaming users, and direct-to-internet access, while ensuring security remains front of mind. In today’s rapidly evolving cybersecurity landscape, speed and agility is key and 74 percent of Cisco users identified fast and easy deployment as the top benefit of the Umbrella solution.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is also an integral part of a robust security solution across both cloud and traditional networks. SecurID Access provides businesses a high level of assurance of user authenticity without compromising security or convenience. SecurID Governance & Lifestyle gives full access visibility and advanced analytics across applications to detect identity risks and compliance issues and prioritise organisational response. Together, the SecurID suite offers comprehensive MFA for over 30 million users.

Zero Trust is a must

It is a vital governance responsibility to take a ‘Zero Trust’ approach to cybersecurity, ensuring users are fully identified and authenticated before accessing a network and resources. VMware’s SASE platform ensures this with a suite of security solutions to prevent information being disclosed to unauthorised users or devices, all while ensuring a frictionless user experience. This is especially important in a remote/hybrid work scenario with a disparate workforce where simplicity and consistency is key. Workspace ONE and VMware SD-WAN come together to enable secure, optimised, and high-performance access for users no matter their location.

Microsoft also take a Zero Trust approach to network security, offering a comprehensive range of services that integrate seamlessly to provide multi-layer protection. For example, Microsoft Sentinel provides a birds-eye-view across all Microsoft infrastructure, applications, and services in use. It incorporates threat intelligence, data collection, investigation and advanced hunting, AI driven detection, built in orchestration and automated response to comprehensively protect. With cyberthreats growing increasingly sophisticated, legacy IT and security systems may no longer be enough. A Zero Trust approach should extend throughout the entire digital estate and serve as an integrated security philosophy and end-to-end strategy.

The best defence is a good offence

Proactively identifying and preventing an attack before it breaches the network is the best form of defence. Check Point’s Solutions prioritise prevention, before detecting and response ensuring its security gateways identify and prevent threats before it impacts the network. Core to any security network, the Check Point Quantum set of solutions are designed to secure traditional perimeters across datacentres, enterprises, branch offices, entire campus, and SMB’s, as well as internal Core Segmentation. The Quantum series of gateways (firewalls), are available in traditional appliance or virtualised solutions to protect the most demanding security conscious organisation. They are simple to deploy, manage and maintain. Check Point firewalls provide full threat protection from malicious and suspicious traffic. Its default services include IPS, AV, Anti Malware, Anti Phishing, Anti-Bot, URL filtering, Application control, VPN, and file threat emulation and extraction.

Trend Micro is also focussed on the prevention stage, with its Tipping Point solution providing industry-leading coverage from advanced threats and malware across vulnerabilities and exploits. Businesses need to be on the offensive when it comes to cybersecurity and have effective cyber security solutions covering all vectors across their network and organisation." With Dicker Data, partners access best-in-class network solutions, leveraging access to industry-leading vendors and our comprehensive suite of security solutions and services that are at the cutting-edge of emerging trends. Network security is one piece of the puzzle.

Find out how we can design solutions that assess an end-user's entire environment to create the strongest possible security posture here. 


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