Four themes to consider when it comes to backup and recovery solutions.

Ian Welch Ian Welch Executive Director and Chief Information Officer at Dicker Data
Ian Welch

A backup plan makes good business sense

Security and data protection have been key themes in 2022, and for good reason. Recent research shows cyberattacks increased by 50 percent per week in 2021 compared with 2020 data. Despite this, 82 percent of CIOs believe their software supply chains are vulnerable to cyberattacks, with the transition to cloud increasing the risk. As cyberthreats continue to escalate, having a backup and recovery plan for data has never been more critical.

By coupling the most comprehensive range of cybersecurity products with access to the industry's most highly-certified sales and technical experts, Dicker Data has created a leading destination for partners looking to scope, design, and deliver best-practice cybersecurity solutions for customers. As your value-added distribution partner, Dicker Data works with our world-class vendor partners to offer an array of dynamic solutions to protect, secure, backup, and recover your customers’ data and ensure business continuity.

Here are four themes to consider when it comes to backup and recovery solutions. 

THEME 1: Secure the Cloud

As data transitions to the Cloud, the security, backup, and recovery needs of businesses has evolved alongside the process. We advise businesses to take a holistic approach to securing Cloud and physical environments and ensure a 360-recovery plan is in place. Microsoft 365 Compliance is a cloud-native hosted service offering comprehensive compliance and data governance solutions to help your customers manage sensitive data and the risks. With extensive global, regional, and country-specific compliance templates augmented by machine learning and artificial intelligence, Microsoft 365 Compliance provides a full end-to-end data management solution.

We rely on Cloud-based technologies to connect with employees, deliver client outcomes, and drive business success. Security breaches through unsecured networks, endpoints, and apps amplify the risk to organisations. Arcserve SaaS Backup Complete Data Protection offers a cloud-native, cloud-to-cloud backup solution built to holistically protect data across workloads such as Google Workspace, Teams, OneDrive, and Public Folders. Arcserve equips customers with a full spectrum of recovery options allowing swift and comprehensive business resumption. In today’s digital operating environment, a cloud back-up and recovery strategy is as important as your on-premise protection.

THEME 2: A dynamic strategy

Ransomware can move quickly through any IT environment and cause chaos and destruction. In the last year, 80 percent of critical infrastructure organisations experienced a ransomware attack, demonstrating the importance of an air-gapped back-up strategy to prevent against worst-case scenarios. Forcepoint’s suite of Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solutions addresses risk with visibility and control. Forcepoint DLP protects and secures data in motion and in use, complying with organisational and global data regulations. Recognised as a nine-time Gartner Magic Quadrant leader for DLP, Forcepoint leverages analytics to reduce false positives and offers coaching to employees to increase awareness and understanding of security threats.

Data isn’t static, so customer protection needs to be dynamic and tailored to their unique needs. Veritas NetBackup allows businesses to define protection needs at a high level and then automate service-level objectives (SLOs) throughout infrastructure. The unified platform approach is designed to extend beyond data providing a multi-layered, proactive solution ensuring resiliency against ransomware. As Cloud adoption accelerates and diversifies, the challenges of managing and protecting data grows. Veritas gives businesses a powerful toolset to keep pace with increasing multi-cloud demands and scale for the future – all while keeping costs down.

THEME 3: Have a backup plan

While prevention is better than cure, having a backup plan to protect against the worst-case scenario is vital. No business can afford to be offline for hours and having instant access to critical data ensures business continuity while a comprehensive backup is restored.

As technology becomes increasingly fragmented, data is located across multiple environments challenging businesses and adding complexities to data backup and recovery. Centralising this process is key. Commvault’s Complete Data Protection solves this pain point through a comprehensive solution that not only addresses current backup and recovery needs but is flexible and innovative enough to cover future requirements. It provides simple, scalable, and comprehensive backup, replication, and disaster recovery orchestration for all workloads, which is easily managed through an intuitive, web-based user interface.

A comprehensive, yet easily executed, backup plan is extremely important for small businesses who can’t afford downtime and loss of income. Protecting over 100,000 small and medium businesses globally, Carbonite’s suite of backup solutions securely protects and manages data across Endpoint, Servers, and Email, adopting strategies to secure zero data loss across migrations, availability, and recovery. It allows businesses to easily migrate physical, virtual, and Cloud workloads across any environment with minimal risk and downtime.

THEME 4: Comprehensive, continuous protection

Working in a dynamic environment, with a 24/7 business cycle means continuous data protection is a must. Veaam’s data protection and replication suite addresses data security from a hardware/platform agnostic perspective with easy-to-use tools, including reporting and analytics. Protecting over 80 percent of the Fortune 500, Veeam’s solutions reduce data loss and downtime while also offering deep integration to improve backup and recovery efficiencies.

Comprehensive, continuous protection doesn’t mean a complex security strategy is needed. Cohesity’s SpanFS and DataProtect demonstrates this by consolidating workloads across the Direct Current and Cloud environments and simplifying the user experience dramatically to manage Back Up and Recovery, Disaster Recovery, File and Object, Cloud, Data Security and Governance, and Development and Test. This not only reduces costs but increases workforce productivity. PureStorage’s Purity solution also offers a single interface for management, monitoring, analysis, and optimisation, promising simplicity of use while unifying, sorting, storing, and protecting all data. 

With the threat landscape rapidly evolving, cybersecurity is a fundamental aspect of the modern business landscape. Helping our valued partners solve customers' cybersecurity challenges is what the team at Dicker Data do best. At Dicker Data, we are working with global leaders to not only provide world-class protection for your customers but to help them recover quickly should a breach occur, ensuring business continuity, minimal downtime, and mitigating risks. Our deep understanding of the entire technology ecosystem means we are best placed to work with you to design a bespoke, purpose-fit solution for your customers’ needs.

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