Simplify enterprise security for your SMB customers with Dicker Data and Check Point.

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Liam Neville

Simplify Enterprise Security for your SMB Customers


In recent years, we've observed a notable surge in the sophistication of cyber-attacks targeting businesses of all sizes. These Cyber Attacks transcend traditional perimeters, with malware prevalent across cloud environments, mobile devices, SaaS platforms, public WiFi networks, and many other vectors. We see a significant industry challenge. It revolves around time and experience, as partners grapple with time constraints and encounter a notable gap for human error when implementing security for businesses, particularly small to medium enterprises. The additional challenge seen is the disconnect that customers perceive a robust cybersecurity solution as an expense rather than a strategic investment in their business.
So, how is our Dicker Data team going to help you tackle this? 

Check Point Technologies Simplifies Enterprise Security for SMBs

Customers are relying more and more on their MSSPs to help reduce business risk, get access to the industry’s best security experts, and ensure reliability through security solutions, services, people, and processes. 
Focused on prevention rather than detection, Check Point offers a consolidated suite of solutions managed under a single management pane in a multi-tenant environment.

Check Point solutions offer easy deployment and management, with Infinity Spark providing an all-in-one bundle suite featuring industry-based firewall, endpoint, email, and mobile protection. Introducing Enterprise-Based Security Solutions to SMBs at a fraction of the cost, Check Point presents a user-friendly licensing model for simplicity.

Recently launched, Check Point's MSSP program empowers MSSPs to effortlessly create, deploy, and manage customer solutions through a multi-tenant portal, while retaining a comprehensive overview of their health status.

At Dicker Data, we empower our valued partners to navigate and conquer dynamic cybersecurity challenges, ensuring resilient and comprehensive solutions against evolving threats. Recognising the complexity of the cyber industry, we work closely with our partners as a supportive Distributor across the following areas:  

Pre-Sales Support: 

  • Quarterly Face-to-Face Technical Training: Our certified team covers deployment, configuration, and maintenance covering all Check Point SMB solutions.

  • Solution Scoping and Positioning: Navigate the Check Point portfolio with us as we guide your sales and technical teams in positioning solutions to seize opportunities. As an extension of your pre-sales team, we collaborate to scope and prepare test environments for your customers alongside your staff.

  • Profitability & Affordability: Unlock maximum profitability with our pre-approved special pricing on the Quantum Spark range of solutions.

  • Strategic Account Mapping: Collaborate with our team to educate, support, and guide your sales teams in identifying opportunities, strategically mapping solutions, and maximising revenue and profit. 

Warehousing and Configuration: 

Starting from just one device and scaling all the way up to thousands, Dicker Data's purpose built state of the art staging and configuration centre is the most advanced of its kind in the country. 
Recognising our partners' time and resource constraints in deploying Check Point SMB firewalls, we’ve introduced Configuration-as-a-Service, now accessible to all Dicker Data partners. This billable service has three plans on offer, reducing complexity and increasing the flexibility of service delivery direct to your customers. We maintain stock here in our warehouse, configure it in-house, ensuring a seamless, zero-touch experience for our partners.

Post-Sales Support: 

Our commitment to support extends beyond the sale; we follow up on projects to ensure seamless operations and identify additional opportunities. Additionally, we share ongoing product updates, tips, tricks, and other valuable content to keep you informed and empowered.

Dicker Data: Your Preferred Check Point SMB Distributor

Navigating your cybersecurity journey is made simple at Dicker Data where we are dedicated to simplifying Enterprise Security for SMBs. Our team is not just here to assist; we're committed to listening, understanding your business direction, and addressing your challenges. With tailored support and guidance, we empower you to streamline your operations, offerings and profitability. 

If you're in search of a comprehensive cybersecurity solution that offers effortless deployment and management, as well as cost-effectiveness, don't hesitate to reach out to our team today.

Questions? Reach out to our local Dicker Data team to learn more or discuss an opportunity. Email




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