Learn how you can expand your service offerings with Telstra's Adaptive Networks.

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Telstra's new flexible offerings create opportunities for your business

It feels like 2020 has encompassed a decade’s worth of change (and we’re not even at the end yet). With so many businesses having to pivot off the back of the Summer bushfires and Covid-19 to ensure their survival, there has never been a better opportunity for resellers to refine their offerings and help their customers to really innovate and continue to operate successfully.

Earlier this week, Telstra officially launched their new offering Adaptive Networks and it has the potential to help you expand your service offerings for your customers. Here are a few aspects we love and think you will too:

  1. Contract flexibility: With month-by-month, short, and long term contracts, you can now offer your customer an option that suits their needs for the immediate future, rather than speculating on what their needs might be two (or even three) years into the future. This is especially beneficial for businesses in industries such as construction, where a site might only operate in a region for 12 months, but where previously they would have been looking at a 36-month contract that didn’t completely satisfy their needs.
  2. Pricing and commissions: Pricing with Adaptive Networks is still competitive for customers and commissions are comparable to previous Telstra offerings, meaning you and your customer will both win when it comes to cash flow. Reach out to us for more detail about financials.
  3. Simplicity of service supply: New to Telstra is the ability to package multiple services up onto a single fibre, where previously individual services needed individual fibres. Converging private networks and access into a single carriage simplifies the process – for setup and ongoing maintenance. You can also offer customers a higher level of flexibility as Adaptive Networks allows them to increase and decrease their service needs as they see fit. Businesses that are impacted by seasonality, the number of guest bookings, or other factors beyond their control can change their service levels as needed, which is more cost-effective in the long run.
  4. New zoning: Previously there were six zones for Telstra pricing, but with the launch of Adaptive Networks this has been refined to three. This means quoting is faster and easier, and it will be simpler for customers to get their heads around.
  5. Set up is fast: Set up for new services can now be completed in a matter of days or weeks, which is a reduction in time from previous waits of a month or more, a fact that is very compelling and puts Telstra ahead of the competition. If ever there was a time where businesses need to be able to gain access to services as quickly as possible, now is it.

As you can see, there are a lot of elements that make Adaptive Networks attractive to customers (and as a direct result, resellers). So if you’re looking at expanding your service offering, this may be something to consider.

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If Adaptive Networks by Telstra is something you'd like to learn more about, please contact us an one of our expert team members can get you started. 


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