We have an extensive range of OEM hardware solutions from leading Microsoft Teams Rooms certified vendors, including Logitech, Poly, Neat, HP, Crestron, Jabra, and Lenovo.

Andrew Upshon Andrew Upshon Head of AV at Dicker Data
Andrew Upshon

Technology enables connection and collaboration in the hybrid workplace

As hybrid work becomes the new business norm, technology remains integral to workplace connection, collaboration, and productivity. Recently, Dicker Data participated in Australia's leading event for audio-visual and emerging, interactive technologies, the Integrate Expo. Coming together with more than 8,500 industry professionals and end-users the event showcased the power of AV and how it is transforming customer experiences and employee value.

Les Boros, Microsoft Teams Rooms BDM, Dicker Data, who was in attendance said: “As a value-added distributor, the Dicker Data team remain at the forefront of technology solutions offering our partners and their customers the latest in technology innovation, while addressing the most pressing issues in today’s business environment." Attendance at this year’s Integrate Expo was the highest on record and you could certainly feel the energy in the room as the industry came together to share ideas and best practice solutions, while demonstrating AV’s latest collaboration trends.

“At Dicker Data, we have seen unprecedented demand for our Microsoft Teams Rooms solutions, with partners and end-users recognising its best-in-class capabilities and its critical role as a collaboration tool in the modern workplace. With Microsoft’s Teams Rooms Solutions, end-users not only connect with employees through video calls, they are using the platform for more dynamic meetings with chat, file sharing, and whiteboard co-annotation, plus there is now the ability to also directly join calls from other third-party providers such as Zoom and Cisco Webex, making it a nexus of business activity and information sharing."

Solving for new business challenges

No matter the industry, people are the most valuable asset in business and connection is critical. With less employee and customer facing time in a hybrid work environment, connection has become a new challenge for businesses, driving the need to adopt the most innovative and efficient solutions. Microsoft Teams Rooms has been tailor made for this challenge, providing businesses with a tool that keeps employees connected and valued. It also allows businesses to facilitate both business centric activities as well as work culture-based programs, through the platform.

Dicker Data continues to partner with industry leaders who provide partners and their customers with solutions that are at the forefront of current collaboration innovation. We have an extensive range of OEM hardware solutions from leading in Microsoft Teams Rooms certified vendors, including Logitech, Poly, Neat, HP, Crestron, Jabra, and Lenovo.

As the traditional office re-opens its doors, collaboration challenges are heightened. Employers require the right tools in place to facilitate connectivity from the meeting room to various work environments. Designed to be fit for purpose, Microsoft Teams Rooms solutions built with AI-enhanced meeting capabilities are bridging the gap between in-person and virtual employees . As a further value-add, Microsoft Teams has also integrated Room Scheduling Displays (Team Panels) to its Teams Rooms license, enabling full visibility of in-person meeting spaces. At the Integrate Expo, Dicker Data shared a sneak peak of the highly anticipated Neat Frame, a small, all-in-one portrait device that can be used in the office or remotely as a portable conference room, opening a world of opportunities for connection and collaboration.

AI enables employee value 

Meeting room solutions are becoming increasingly intelligent with AI-based technology, making the meeting experience with Microsoft Teams Rooms even more dynamic and inclusive. A key example of this is how intelligent, AI-enabled cameras are cleverly framing everyone individually in meeting rooms, as if they had a personal camera in front of them. This technology ensures each person in the meeting feels valued, included, and heard. Creating a workplace where an employee feels valued, no matter their role or title, is essential to a positive culture, employee loyalty and longevity, and providing exceptional customer service. Microsoft Teams Rooms is engraining itself as a platform of choice to achieve this new inclusive collaboration environment.

Having the right technology-enabled tools in place is essential to future proofing business and ensuring employee and customer satisfaction. Investing in collaboration tools to connect employees in multiple environments will be integral as hybrid work becomes business as usual. At Dicker Data, together with our world-class industry partners, our team has the experience and expertise to design and implement an ecosystem of AV solutions purpose-fit for your customers’ unique business needs. Connect with our team of experts today to understand the range of certified teams Rooms solutions available and design a purpose-fit solution for your customer's needs. 

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