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Are you selling across Telstra's entire range of fixed network offerings?

One of the advantages that your customers will have when including Telstra services as part of their tech set up, is that they can expand their connectivity as their businesses grow, and won’t be limited by their product range (which can be the case with other telcos).

If you’re not selling across Telstra’s entire range, you could be missing out on opportunities to create solutions that service an increasingly digitally-focussed, diverse range of businesses. Regardless of if your customer has a large remote workforce that needs access to cloud applications to stay connected across multiple-locations or if you’ve got a smaller, rural customer who just needs solid connectivity and coverage to manage orders and assurance that their phones will work, there are so many reasons to get your head around what’s available here.

Two options you might want to consider are:

SD-WAN – This allows for hybrid networking, which is something that more and more businesses are needing. No matter what the need, here at Dicker Data, we can offer SD-WAN for your clients – private or public network (or a combination of the two), fixed and/or wireless connectivity, a solution for the smallest businesses as well as the largest. We’ve got it covered.

Are your customers struggling with bandwidth-hungry applications like O365 now that staff are working remotely? If so, they could be losing access to business critical applications such as scheduling, ordering and productions apps. SD-WAN can be used to control the flow of traffic and ensure all applications are given the bandwidth they need to run effectively.

Managed routers – If your customers are going to spend on cloud, security, and mobility; they need the backing of a high performance managed wide area network (WAN). Expert management of their networks will leave them (and you) with time to look after other aspects of your business, and doing so has proven to be a cost-effective way to help improve performance.

There are multiple management tiers, so you can offer the best fit for your customer’s current needs, or you can work with us and Telstra to provide a custom solution specific to the needs of your customer. And, as always, we’re here to provide the right level of service for you too – whether you are able to manage the service itself for your customers or if you require support from the Dicker Data team, we’ve got you covered.
There are plenty more offerings available to you as a reseller. If you have questions about how they might fit within your business, we’re more than happy to answer them for you.

Why sell across the range? 

At the end of the day, we all want to make life as easy as possible for our customers and adding services from the same provider (in this case, Telstra) allows for flexibility, scalability, and simplicity. When a customer’s need change, it’s far easier to adapt your offering when a large portion of it comes from the one place, and accessing support from one place ensures this happens as seamlessly as possible.

Creating a full solution for your customers can take time, and it has been likened to building a LEGO structure – you start with a strong foundation and add pieces as you go until you get the desired result. It’s easy to create something that looks just like it does on the box, but you also have the freedom to add extra pieces to create something entirely unique.

The strength of our relationship with Telstra is also important to consider – having more than 100 year’s combined experience with Telstra products and services, we know them inside out and are in constant contact with their teams to ensure everything runs smoothly for our resellers, and their end users. Working with us means you can reach out to your normal contact and they’ll liaise with Telstra on your behalf.
And finally, there is a financial benefit for resellers too. Combining services from Telstra, along with the expertise offered by Dicker Data, means more share of wallet for you and your team, which adds to your bottom line.

Talk to us today about the range of Telstra offerings available for your customers. 


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