We inspire, educate and enable our partners to achieve their full potential and succeed.

Peter Ficinus Peter Ficinus BDM Telstra Services at Dicker Data
Peter Ficinus

5 Reasons partnering with Dicker Data and Telstra delivers growth

I often get asked what we in the Telstra Services team at Dicker Data do to help our IT reseller partners grow.

The list is long as we are always looking for ways to support and be an extension of our partners' business. However, I’ve gone ahead and picked what I think are the top 5 reasons to partner with Dicker Data for Telstra Services.

  1. We have over 100 years combined experience in Telstra
    Dicker Data are product experts in Telstra’s Data and IP and between us have over 100 years of experience. This enables us to help our Partners to broaden their product offering and add network connectivity to Telstra’s technology solutions.
    ‘Partnering with Dicker Data allows us to focus on Telstra so you can focus on your customers.’ Peter Ficinus, Telstra Services BDM, Dicker Data
  2. Dicker Data enables our partners to scale out their capability
    As experts in Telstra’s ecosystem and world-class technologies, Dicker Data have helped many of our partners to scale beyond their in-house skills allowing them to focus on their customer’s challenges.
  3. We provide end-to-end support
    Our team of experts are available to help you become more knowledgeable when it comes to Telstra products – from partner matching, to scoping, delivery, and support – we can help you take your business further, and we’re also here to help with managing commissions, relationships and anything else that helps you give the best possible service to your customers.
    ‘Dicker Data is a very different company compared to a lot of other distributors. It goes an extra mile in helping the partner to grow. With their pre and post-sales support it has really helped Exigo Tech to deliver solutions in the market and gain that reputation’. Vivek Trivedi, Managing Director, Exigo Tech
  4. We inspire, educate and enable our partners to achieve their full potential and succeed
    Dicker Data is known as the Australian ICT industry’s most trusted advisor, and in the Telstra Services team we provide regular enablement sessions which guide our partners on the latest developments in Telstra products and solutions. We also regularly provide professional development training on selling, LinkedIn and other professional skills development.
  5. We are Australia’s leading locally owned and operated ICT distributor
    For over 40 years Dicker Data has been helping Australian IT partners of all shapes and sizes to design, configure, connect and implement solutions for their customers and to successfully transition their business’ through technological change.

If you'd like to know more about how partnering with Dicker Data and Telstra can help your business grow, reach out to your Dicker Data Telstra Services BDM or contact us here and we can talk through your needs and get you set up to sell Telstra services. 


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