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Dicker Data is Australia’s largest distributor of workstations from leading global vendors Dell Technologies, HP and Lenovo. Whether you’re after a single workstation or looking to fill a comprehensive order for a customer, discover how Dicker Data as a workstation distributor can help your business.

Dell Technologies Workstation Distributor

Build your greatest vision with Dell Precision workstations featuring fast memory, next generation graphics and extreme performance. Maximise performance without sacrificing budget with an affordable tower or mobile workstation for professional performance.

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HP Workstation Distributor

Bringing powerful, intelligently engineered workstations to power users who demand IT that performs with uncompromising graphics and speed. HP Workstations are quick-to-deploy and simple-to-maintain solutions that support businesses, grow with complex needs and anticipate challenges. HP Workstations allow you to provide your customers with high-quality products that are cost-effective, reliable and powerful enough to cope with any workplace task.

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Lenovo Workstation Distributor

Lenovo’s workstations; ThinkStation and ThinkPad P boast superior reliability, unmatched processing power, and performance driven innovation to deliver the means for a business’s competitive advantage for you and your customers. Whether complex graphics, computer aided design, or AI, Lenovo has a cost-effective solution.

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Configuration & Staging | Dicker Data

Providing a comprehensive range of configuration services for endpoints, servers, storage and networking devices, Dicker Data’s Services team can cater for requirements of all sizes and complexity.

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Workstation Solutions

Tower Workstation Distributor

Ramp up your performance with a tower workstation designed to give you speed with sizable storage options and parallel processing capability. Tower workstations enable scalability of operations for end users. Dicker Data stocks a range of tower workstations for every budget including standard sizing, mini towers and rack workstations. Our workstations can also be configured in house to meet your customers unique requirements.

Laptop Workstation Distributor

Dicker Data’s collection of workstation laptops combine the portability of a notebook computer with high-end computing features not typically included in a laptop. High end features include faster graphics processors, more powerful CPUs additional memory and more. Workstation laptops are designed for technical and creative professionals who need performance on the go. Workstations foster creativity with superior engineering to support complex graphics, AID, or Artificial Intelligence.


Frequently Asked Questions

In order to purchase workstations from Dicker Data you need to be a registered partner. If you are not already a Dicker Data partner you can sign up here.

If you need assistance with this process, please contact our team.

Once you are a Dicker Data partner you can log into our website and use the search functionality to discover a full list of the workstations we stock and their availability. If you have any questions regarding specific products or stock levels please contact our team for assistance.

Dicker Data’s presales, technical presales and solution architects are the most highly certified in the Australian distribution landscape. Based on your end user requirements we can recommend a solution that will service your customers needs today and well into the future. 

Learn more about our presales and complex solution architecture services.

Workstations are made with the power to handle multiple intensive programs and processes at once and are ideal solutions for those whose work includes engineering, design and digital editing projects. A few notable features include multiple processor cores, solid-state drives, better GPU, ECC memory a RAID system and more.


General notebooks and laptops are suitable for the everyday user who doesn’t utilise too many processes at once. Discover our notebook range.

Like gaming PC’s, workstations are stronger than an ordinary computer as they are built for more intensive computing workloads. Workstations tend to be stronger than a gaming PC and can handle more heavy-duty tasks, but how it performs in a game will come down to the GPU. The GPU’s that feature in many workstations are designed for Computer-Aided-Design (CAD), video editing and other tasks that are more business focused. Whilst the GPU in a workstation can handle gaming application, it is recommended that you purchase a gaming-focused GPU to maximise your experience.


Click here to discover the gaming PC’s, gaming components and technology available at Dicker Data.

Yes, Dicker Data Financial Solutions (DDFS) is a simple extension of your partnership with Dicker data offering monthly, scalable device and infrastructure finance solutions tailormade for the Australian IT channel.

If you have any enquiries or would like to speak to one of our team members, please contact our team and we will put you in touch with the right person.

The world’s leading technology solutions, delivered.

Partnering with Dicker Data provides you with access to the world’s leading technology brands, the latest technology solutions and a range of unique value-added services.

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Why Dicker Data as your
Workstation Distributor?

Our local Dicker Data hardware distribution team work closely with our industry leading vendors Dell Technologies, HP and Lenovo to ensure our Australian IT partners have reliable access to a full range of versatile workstations. We also proactively stock Australia’s widest range of workstation products meaning we can deliver your workstation next day depending on your location.


Dicker Data IT partners can leverage the knowledge from our available sales, technical and product management specialists and take advantage of regular promotions and incentives. Dicker Data also provides additional services including configuration staging, presales and complex solution architecture to fit out your devices specific to your customer needs.


Resellers can also leverage Dicker Data’s inhouse financial services – monthly, scalable device and infrastructure finance solutions tailormade for the Australian IT channel.

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