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Why Dicker Data as your APC distributor?

Dicker Data and APC by Schneider Electric collaborate to provide the Australian IT channel with integrated IT infrastructure and software that provide reliable power solutions.

From presales to product management support, Dicker Data has a team dedicated to helping our IT partners and their customers understand the opportunities APC brings to the market. Together with APC, we are tailoring solutions to protect critical information and data for businesses and individuals.


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Power & Power Distribution

APC deliver power solutions for home entertainment to data centres and industrial environments. Power Protection solutions include APC Smart UPS, surge protection, power conditioning and productivity solutions for mobile users. Power Distribution solutions including the Row 3 Phase Power Distribution, Rack Power Distribution and transfer switches range can be used for network closets to data centres.

Micro Data Centre Distributor

EcoStruxure Micro Data Centre by APC is a configurable, secure, self-contained enclosure with the capability for all essential IT components to be distributed in any Edge environment. This solution contains all required supporting racks, UPS’s, power and cooling. 

Security & Environmental Monitoring

APC offers physical threat monitoring solutions that can be utilised from network closets to data centres. These solutions include sensors, cameras, licenses, accessories, security and environmental appliances. Protect your IT assets from downtime due to environmental or human physical threats.

Racks & Accessories Distributor 

APC provides the racks, enclosures and accessories which serve a number of IT environments, from network closets to data centres. These racks and accessories are important building blocks that maximise the business value of your IT equipment.

IT Cooling Distributor

APC helps address the dynamic demands of today’s IT environments through highly reliable cooling solutions. This range includes air economisers, containment and air distribution, chillers and air conditioners.

Software & Services Distributor

APC by Schneider Electric provides a comprehensive suite of modular and integrated software tools for monitoring, control, modelling, planning and operating. These services protect your equipment, ensuring that your system is always operating at peak performance, thereby prolonging its lifespan.


Frequently Asked Questions

In order to purchase APC solutions from Dicker Data you'll need to be a registered partner. If you are not already a registered partner please sign up here


If you need assistance with this process please contact our team

Once you are a registered Dicker Data partner you can log into our transactional website and navigate to the APC catalogue. This catalogue will outline the products we distribute, stock availability and pricing. 


If you have any questions regarding stock, please contact our team

If you have any questions regarding APC solutions or stock please contact our team

Yes, Dicker Data Financial Solutions (DDFS) is a simple extension of your partnership with Dicker data offering monthly, scalable device and infrastructure finance solutions tailormade for the Australian IT channel.

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APC Distributor
for Australian IT Resellers

APC by Schneider Electric is the leading brand worldwide for integrated IT infrastructure and software. With a wide array of products that provide reliable power and availability solutions for IT and communications technologies, APC deliver Certainty in a Connected World. With the largest community of partners tailoring solutions for home and business networks, APC protects critical information and data for individuals and businesses.


APC is a brand of Schneider Electric, who are a global leader in efficient, reliable and sustainable energy management and automation. Schneider Electric empower all to make the most of their energy and resources, ensuring Life Is On everywhere, for everyone, at every moment.

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