Keeping your customer’s businesses and IT departments stable has never been so EASY.

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Introducing the APC Easy UPS

Keeping your customer’s businesses and IT departments stable has never been so EASY. APC by Schneider Electric’s new Easy UPS is now available to Australian IT resellers exclusively from Dicker Data. Providing reliable power protection at an accessible price, this industry leading technology is the latest smart business choice.

At First Glance - The Easy UPS 1 Ph Online and Line Interactive

Designed with small to medium sized businesses in mind APC have developed a new category of UPSs designed for essential power protection needs even in the most unstable power conditions. The Easy UPS range is a versatile, high quality, cost competitive UPS developed to handle a wide voltage range and inconsistent power conditions, delivering millions of IT teams trust around the world.

The easy choice for reliable power protection

Allowing for a high fluctuation in power, the Easy UPS delivers vital power protection consistently protecting critical equipment and connected loads from unpredictable power disturbances such as spikes, surges, blackouts, and brownouts, providing assurance, reliability and certainty. Compatible with generators, these units ensure uninterrupted power even in the event of an extended power outage.

The easy way to prevent costly downtime

Every time power fails and stops business operations, it costs money, impairs security and harms reputations. According to a recent Dell EMC Global Study, the reality is “nearly 90% of organisations throughout the world” have this frustration, mostly due to unstable power conditions.

Minimise downtime and keep IT departments stable with a proven reliable power protection source.

The easy choice for power protection from a trusted brand

APC by Schneider Electric offers a full suite of products, supporting millions of IT users around the world with initial power protection needs through protecting business critical infrastructure. Focused on proving “always on” customer service, APC’s service and products give modern day SMBs certainty in a connected world.

Benefits to Australian IT Resellers and their customers

Now available within the Australian market, IT resellers will be able to work with our dedicated Dicker Data APC team to understand how features of the new APC Easy UPS can tackle their customers business pain points.


Do you have customers that tend to experience poor power conditions or high fluctuations? The Easy UPS Ph 1 Online has a wide input voltage range and offers the cleanest power via double conversion online above industry standard. The Easy UPS Line interactive also has a wide input voltage range and through its sinewave output also achieves clean, regulated and quality power to support valuable sensitive equipment.


Current solutions can be expensive - One of the most attractive benefits associated with the Easy UPS range is the accessible, cost-effective price, making it an appealing solution for small to medium sized businesses.


Lack of inefficiency with current market solutions - The Easy UPS 1 Ph Online achieves increased efficiency with EOC mode which bypasses unused electrical components in good power conditions to achieve high operating efficiency without sacrificing protection. The Easy UPS Line Interactive offers generous number of outlets and battery backup time above industry standard. With both ranges providing a faster battery recharge time, backup power is always ready even when experiencing frequent outages.


Inability to easily access UPS status or settings – The Easy UPS models have an intuitive, user friendly LCD display with adjustable settings and immediate status updates. Audible alarms provide notification of changing utility power and UPS conditions.


The launch of this new range in the Australian market provides our local partners with the opportunity to access the latest cost effective, power protection solution designed to suit even the most unstable power conditions. When choosing a UPS it’s important to select a reliable and trustworthy brand.

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