Learn how Dicker Data will support you to become the most successful IT partner in 2022.

Yasser Elgammal Yasser Elgammal General Manager - Sales, Cloud and Vendor Alliances
Yasser Elgammal

What's going to set apart the most successful reseller partners in 2022?

As the largest locally owned and operated ICT distributor, Dicker Data’s mission is to inspire, educate and enable reseller partners to achieve their full potential through the delivery of unparalleled technology, value-added services and logistics. The drive to digital transformation, industry-wide means IT professionals are now becoming a strategic business asset, priority and long-term partner.

Gartner suggested worldwide IT spending will reach $4.5 trillion in 2022 as companies shift from pandemic-induced reactive spending to long-term projects.

Ben Johnson, General Manager Marketing & Strategy, Dicker Data said, “Since the pandemic we’ve seen our partner community become business continuity experts, drivers of improved productivity, enablers of collaboration and above all, a strategic pillar to their customer’s future plans – offering a holistic view to end-user needs and technology adoption.”

Dicker Data’s leading portfolio, paired with expertise and value-added services empowers IT resellers to drive their own and their customer business forward.

Here is how Dicker Data will support you to become the most successful IT partner in 2022.

1. Eat your own cooking - transformation starts with you

As an IT partner you are an essential part of digital transformation enabling business continuity and growth. But as your role becomes more pivotal to your customers, who is driving digital transformation inside of your business? Your people can become advocates and experts in the technology they use each day, so make sure your internal teams have access to the technology you’re positioning to your customers.

Vladimir Mitnovetski, Chief Operating Officer and Executive Director, Dicker Data said, “We’ve seen digital transformation accelerate tremendously over the last two years – with no sign of slowing down. In the next five years, we’ll see technology and convergence accelerate even further, playing a greater role in business and life, which means IT partners need to be equipped with the right skills and solutions to drive this change. Dicker Data is well-positioned to work with you as a strategic business adviser giving you the opportunity to leverage our world-leading vendor portfolio, evolve your offerings, provide value-added services and enhance customer experience.”

Digital transformation will continue to drive the agenda. Working alongside Dicker Data’s dedicated business units puts you in a strong position to compete for larger opportunities, lead the market and scale and grow.

2. Using digital transformation to drive business outcomes 

Digital transformation is more than adopting new technology. Research shows 70 percent of transformations fail to deliver on expectations simply because they lack strategy and don’t link to business outcomes or support what the business is “transforming from.”

The IT partners that stand out will build tailored strategies and extend digital offerings that link back to measurable business outcomes. Successful transformations will rely on how technology is used to evolve business models. It’s about how traditional practices are changed to create value. This is complex and requires a partner with the right skills, strategy and technical capability.

Sarah Loiterton, General Manager, Microsoft Cloud & VMware, Dicker Data said, “We offer stability to partners by helping them drive business strategy, leveraging our knowledge, resources and capability. We help our partners expand their service offerings and grow their business, regardless of their digital maturity.”

3. Leading edge solutions to address 2022 requirements

In our previous blog we explored the 2022 non-negotiable technology solutions your customers need to build the foundation of a successful year. As business models are re-defined and end-users become digital natives, IT partners must continuously evolve to meet customer requirements and advise on how technology can be used as a strategic business tool, integrated to meet objectives.

Jason Hall, General Manager Telstra and Dicker Data Services said, “If the last two years taught us anything, it’s to expect the unexpected in business and in life. Success will come to IT partners that have the foresight to help customers accelerate digital transformation and design solutions that provide security, visibility and control of hybrid work environments.”

In 2022, we expect the modern workforce will further embrace Artificial Intelligence (AI), a permanent work from anywhere (WFA) culture, security and cloud models fit for WFA, technology and software that breaks barriers between physical and virtual workspaces and solutions that address the great work resignation.
Dicker Data Services is uniquely positioned to strategically support partners in guiding their customers in this transformation.

Dicker Data Services is uniquely positioned to strategically support partners in guiding their customers in this transformation.

Marty Simunic, General Manager HPI &HPE Group, Dicker Data said, “In this now permanent hybrid workplace world where productivity, capacity and availability are key, we are committed to working with our partners to ensure legacy networks, infrastructure and personal systems are upgraded with the latest technology solutions.”

While speed and quality experience are key to having a competitive edge Marty Simunic said, “Increased availability of mobile devices and complimentary solutions to meet the growing need for flexible work environments will continue to be a focus.”

Pennie Stevens, General Manager Software, Dicker Data added, “Software is growing in how we support partners through automation, enablement and more value-added services.”
Speed, innovation and leading-edge solutions are the modern requirements to a competitive edge. Your customers will look to you for strategic advice on how they remain on the digital front foot.

Jason Hall supports this, “We will see an increase in automation and hands-off delivery of services to customers, with less time spent by partner engineers on customer premises and more time spent leveraging centralised staging centres.”

Luke Trinh and Tony Trinh, General Managers - Hardware, Dicker Data said, "Product and services traditionally offered in industries like professional audio, visual and physical security were confined to resellers with specific skillsets and offerings. However with the convergence of IT, partners now have the opportunity to expand their portfolios and offerings. Dicker Data is continually adding more products and services in these areas to support our partners”

4. Better experience with increased profitability 

Flexible consumption models will continue to surge in 2022. True consumption-based offerings will keep you in the lead and according to Deloitte, they can improve company’s operational capability by more than 65 percent.

Vickie Madeleine, General Manager, Cisco, Dicker Data said, “The move to recurring revenue has never been more pressing. Our Concierge Annuity Services offer partners the ability to manage service & software renewals proactively and seamlessly. As the first distributor in ANZ to achieve Cisco’s CX Specialisation, we are also able to lead partners on lifecycle journeys to optimise customer experiences and drive new profit streams.”

Speed and quality experience are key to a competitive edge. Marty Simunic explained, “Working closely with our vendors, we can simplify and manage the quoting, deal registration, ordering, allocation and delivery process for our partners which is critical given the supply chain challenges the market will continue to face this year.”

Vladimir Mitnovetski added, “As your strategic partner, we help to build practices that enable our partner network to benefit from predictable, renewable revenue streams, deliver greater value to their end customers by allowing them to pay for only what they consume, enable deeper insights into customer consumption patterns to help inform add-on sales, and lower operational costs by enabling a company to serve customers at scale through a common platform.”

To excel in 2022, and learn more about our value-added services and technology portfolio speak to our local team. Email sales@dickerdata.com.au



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