In this blog we explore the key areas that are non-negotiable in addressing customer needs and building the foundation of a successful year.

Yasser Elgammal Yasser Elgammal General Manager - Sales, Cloud and Vendor Alliances
Yasser Elgammal

The 2022 non-negotiable solutions your customers need

Comfort in uncertainty is the new business reality.

Australia has intensified its appetite to be a digital nation. Gartner predicts Australia’s IT spending to reach $111.1 billion representing 6.3 percent growth year-on-year.

The role of IT providers will remain a strategic business priority and evolve to meet the changing demands of businesses.

The year 2022 will be about consolidating technology, replacing adhoc, temporary and quick fix solutions with structured and secure strategies that meet the fast changing and long-term needs of employees, business objectives and growth.

New year. New demands. Bold changes. 

The COVID outbreak, the hybrid, remote and work from anywhere model and now through the Great Resignation, traditional business operations are dramatically re-shaping to meet employee needs, modern workforce requirements and enhance working conditions.

Research indicates these demands are centred on technologically advanced and enabled workforces, greater flexibility and optimised security. Today’s employees are driven by experience, performance, productivity, agility, connectivity and safety.

As your value-added strategic business and IT partner and Australia’s most certified technology distributor, Dicker Data is constantly evolving, expanding and investing in developing our teams. Our strong focus on offering the industry’s best technical capabilities strengthens how we help partners meet the changing needs of your customers.

In this blog we explore the key areas that are non-negotiable in addressing customer needs and building the foundation of a successful year.

1. Artificial intelligence (AI) as the strategic business tool of 2022

AI in Australia is maturing. The Federal government plans to invest $124.1 million to strengthen Australia’s leadership in developing and adopting responsible AI this year.
AI is a powerful and essential business tool with the capability to accelerate competitive edge, enable faster transformation, improve business bottom line and improve people’s performance, experiences and roles, industry wide.

Through Dicker Data, IT partners can deliver AI-enabled digital transformation and business-focused strategies to addresses emerging challenges, creating new business opportunities.

McKinsey revealed, 55 percent of companies use AI in at least one function. When paired with emerging technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT), new super-speed networks like 5G and Wi-Fi 6E partners are able to maximise opportunity, cut-through and break the human vs technology barrier.

AI automates processes and mundane tasks, frees employees for higher-skilled and qualified work, enhances engagement, productivity and maximises delivery and output. AI promises to advance IT infrastructure with real-time optimisation by reducing data transfer and cloud management, safeguard data privacy and security and eliminate challenges and barriers of distributed workforces.

2. Preparing for permanent Work From Anywhere (WFA) culture

According to Lenovo, 83 percent of IT leaders expect half of work in the future to happen in hybrid or work-from-anywhere scenarios.

Distributed and flexible workstations are here to stay. IT roles will transform from delivering innovative technology and devices to employee-first approaches and experiences. Through Dicker Data, partners access leading-edge and integrated solution, insights and skills required to redefine and model smarter work, future-proofed security, software and IT infrastructure, without disruption.

The true success of flexibility, remote work and employee productivity is driven by the technology teams are equipped with. This is being embraced and adopted by employers as it empowers people to work more efficiently, attracts and retains industry best talent and more importantly ensures the continuity and productivity of the business, no matter where teams are based.

3. Security and Cloud for the WFA environment

End-user experiences require sustainable safety, connectivity and accessibility, no matter the environment. This means partners must bolster traditional IT and security strategies to address increased use of personal and Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD) running on multiple networks limiting control, visibility and compliance. Advanced security technology with AI built software and next-generation anti-virus solutions will help deliver scalable cybersecurity protection and secure networks.

The WFA environment will also accelerate the need for next-gen software, servers and hardware, faster network and internet connectivity, like 5G, and enhanced data space, management and storage. Hybrid cloud will play a pivotal role in consolidating data management, leveraging bespoke architecture to close the gap and connect teams working in and out of the traditional office.

4. Breaking barriers between physical and virtual work

Xero reported Australian businesses with ICT expenditure in the top quartile (25 percent) increased an average of $AUD34,800 more sales throughout 2020 than businesses that spent less.

As physical offices become another collaboration space, investing in digital capabilities will provide new means of connection, collaboration and accessibility, breaking barriers between in and out of office teams.

Partners can maximise this opportunity by leveraging Dicker Data’s skills, world-leading technology, software, hardware and end-to-end services to design best-practice, unified communication and collaboration tools for business. Equipping remote and physical meeting spaces empowers employees with greater tech capability, collaboration solutions needed to thrive, work faster and deliver higher quality outcomes.

The future is hybrid and Dicker Data have focused on extending collaboration and AV portfolios giving partners comprehensive and competitive market leading solutions. As audio/video technology will pave the way for flexible meeting setups and new ways to build social connections, Pro AV and digital display will help transform meeting spaces and digital displays and collaboration platforms bridging the gap between in and out of office work. Pairing this with Dicker Data’s industry-leading presales and after sales technical support, partners have a competitive-edge to deliver industry-leading, tailored business collaboration solutions.

5. Technology to address The Great Work Resignation

The Australian Bureau of Statistics predicts more than 600,000 Australians to be with a new employer in 2022. That’s 5 percent of the total workforce.

The modern workforce and what it takes to be an employer of choice has been redefined. IT partners have a unique opportunity, as trusted advisors to step in and address the challenges that influence The Great Resignation and cause dissatisfaction in the workplace.

Here are five ways:

  1. Improve flexibility and choice: by building remote, hybrid or WFA models with tailored and integrated IT infrastructure, solution, software and security
  2. Reduce employee burnout and improve motivation: with an AI and automation strategy taking on repetitive, operational and time-consuming tasks, minimising employee workload and costs
  3. Modern technology and IT support: will eliminate daily outages, slowness and frustration, backed by available and helpful IT advisors
  4. Break down communication barriers: with leading engagement, collaboration and intelligent audio/voice/AV solutions
  5. Boost team collaboration, culture and spirit: with instant virtual connectivity, collaboration, work and social capabilities

From small to large enterprises, Dicker Data works with leading vendors across all walks of technology and is extending our portfolio to ensure partners have the IT, skills and end-to-end support to sell and build state-of-the-art solutions for customers.

To learn more about our value-added services and technology visit our solutions or vendor portfolio.


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