Learn how to slash DBA time and cost in managing databases with one-click database administration and automation.

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Tony Lam

Slash DBA time and cost in managing databases

Many organisations are moving to a database as a service (DBaaS) or cloud database models to manage and operate their databases, because they are efficient, agile, cost effective, and scalable. Traditionally, to provision new databases, database administrators (DBAs) must follow many steps along the way, with the associated backup, cloning, and data refresh processes also extraordinarily complex. Scaling the effort to hundreds of databases supporting different groups (test/dev, BI, QA, and so on) across the organisation becomes almost impossible.

But what if copying a database were as easy as the copy and paste operations on a PC? With traditional methods for database provisioning, patching, and life cycle management so complex and inefficient - how many of your customers would be ready to introduce standardisation to their database estate?

Questions to help you identify opportunities in your existing customers

  • Do your databases run on a variety of legacy software and hardware technologies?
  • How many database instances must your typical DBA provision, manage, refresh, restore, and perform other database operations for?
  • DB backup/refresh cycles that take too long and associated storage sprawl are common problems with most customers. Can you share your experience?
  • How are you managing your database estate? Are you looking to reduce the complexity of your database operations?
  • Do you have current IT as a service initiatives?
  • Rapidly improving the application test/dev process is a common use case for DBaaS. Would you like to hear more on this?

Nutanix Era

Nutanix Era is a software suite that automates database administration – bringing one-click simplicity and invisible operations to database provisioning and lifecycle management (LCM). With one-click database provisioning and Copy Data Management (CDM), Nutanix Era enables DBAs to provision, clone, refresh, and backup their databases to any point in time.

Database administrators are able to create a global catalogue of database services based on standardised compute, network, and database parameter sizes. Nutanix Era supports complex database environments, automatically maximising infrastructure efficiency so administrators don’t need to worry about it. Databases are cloud-ready and optimised for mobility.

Why customers choose Nutanix Era

  • Increases business agility and innovation rate: Time consuming and complex database operations can be replaced with automated services, allowing resources to focus on more value-add business initiatives.
  • One-click database operations: Ensures consumer-grade database management across a variety of different database engines.
  • API-first architecture with full operational visibility: To enable easy integration with preferred self-service tools.

Customers deploy Nutanix Era to: 

  • Provide teams with a cloud based DBaaS model for managing their databases.
  • Drive efficiency, agility, cost-effectiveness, and scalability across the enterprise with simplified database administration.
  • Provision, clone, refresh, and back up their databases with one click, providing peace of mind that business critical data is available and protected at all times while reducing admin overhead to almost zero.

Dicker Data with Nutanix

Dicker Data and Nutanix collaborate to provide Australian IT partners with hyper-converged infrastructure software. Nutanix offers partners a flexible, open technology platform created for tomorrow, that can be marketed today. It’s brimming with innovation – but it’s proven, mature and ready to roll.

With a dedicated Nutanix presales and product management support team, Dicker Data helps partners and their customers understand the opportunities Nutanix delivers. With a strong partner focus, quotes and orders received by 3pm will be responded to and placed on the vendor where required within the same working day.

Nutanix are currently offering flexible Era Database management bundles at a special price. Please email our Dicker Data team now for more information. 


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