Dicker Data empowers our reseller partners and your customers to embrace the latest technology advancements.

Sarah Loiterton Sarah Loiterton General Manager Microsoft Cloud
Sarah Loiterton

Powering Partnerships with Microsoft and Dicker Data

The AI evolution is here and companies industry wide are on the race to dominate and digitally transform their businesses. However, more than 70 percent of leaders feel their organisations lack skills to implement and integrate new technology and almost 80 percent have concerns about accuracy, reliability and security1. When it comes to AI, the only path is forward with boundless opportunities.

As a value-add and award-winning Microsoft distributor, Dicker Data empowers our reseller partners and your customers to embrace the latest technology advancements. Recently, we hosted our Microsoft focused, Powering Partnerships national roadshow welcoming 180 attendees across 5 events. The event showcased the latest Microsoft solutions and how Dicker Data is helping partners elevate their offerings, improve customer experiences, grow their revenue and enable success through best-in-class training and exclusive partner benefits.


Powering the AI opportunity

Research from McKinsey indicated AI has the potential to add up to $4.4 trillion in value to our global economy. To put that into context, Australia’s superannuation sector is worth $3.5 trillion while the UK’s GDP in 2021 was $3.1 trillion. The scale of opportunity is eyewatering.

Microsoft’s Cloud Partner Program has evolved to help partners meet and lead the AI wave. With readiness training trickling down from Microsoft (view this video for a technical lens on M365 Copilot set up) many of our partners are fielding questions from their customers, right now, and this poses an incredible opportunity.

Leverage this time to cement your role as a true trusted advisor to your customers, guiding them through this new wave of technology by taking your Microsoft offering to the next level.

Here are three ways you can be power of your business potential to exceed customer expectations:

1. Simplify the path to Azure

Forrester US research found Microsoft Azure solutions have delivered a three-year return on investment of 155 percent, a near doubling of projects completed, and revenue increase of over $20 million USD to a 45 percent gross margin.

Dicker Data’s Azure Migration and Modernisation Program helps partners unlock this potential by providing funding, migration support, and technical advice during onboarding and the post deployment phase.

Recently, Dicker Data helped Byron Da Silva at Falco Technology Solutions to utilise the Azure Migration program to overcome the challenge of migrating 10 customers onto the Azure platform simultaneously. Through the program Dicker Data’s Microsoft team provided needed funding and connected Falco with a certified execution partner, Linktech Australia, who seamlessly completed the migrations.

Commenting on his experience, Mr Da Silva said: “Dicker Data’s AMMP program means Falco can now service much larger, more valuable customers, which we would previously put on the backburner. This could see a 25 percent revenue increase. This experience has empowered me to consider new acquisitions because I know I can serve those customers with the partnership of Dicker Data and the AMMP program.”

“The magic behind this migration program is it can help partners like Falco who just didn’t have the bandwidth as well as partners starting out with Azure and keen move their customers into an environment that sets the stage for the exciting AI enhancements that are on the horizon,” Daniel Janicki Dicker Data’s Azure Practice Lead explains.

Explore the possibilities with our experts, register for workshop here.

2. Leverage skilling & insights to meet your customers with the right solutions at the right time

Dicker Data has the largest team of technical presales resources across Australia and New Zealand with the expertise and ability to support in real time, deliver bespoke solutions and secure outstanding outcomes for your customers. Bringing together the expertise in this team (consisting of 5 Microsoft Certified Trainers), Microsoft’s customer insights & propensity engines and Dicker Data’s tried & tested ASCEND practice build program we now have a full calendar partner enablement events that optimise your team for success.

Currently in market:

  • ASCEND M365 – With OnDemand sales enablement sessions, virtual hands-on Labs that then filter into 1:1 offer creation workshops, our free ASCEND program is the perfect place to craft your Managed Security as a Service solution. Moving between OnDemand to 1:1 workshops means each partner can curate their experience and eliminate wasted time on areas they are already familiar with.

    o And for those ready to hit the ground running, we have a workshop-in-a-box and EDM campaign-in-a-box that are designed to work with the Cloud Ascent customer data Microsoft shares to highlight your high propensity prospects! Learn more here.

  • Deployment in a Day: Azure Virtual Desktop No death by PowerPoint to see here, in these highly anticipated sessions our partners meet up at Microsoft offices across the country to walk through an Azure Virtual Desktop deployment with our experts in the room. Register for the next session here.

  • App in a Day & Power Platform Customer Deep Dives: For those in the Business Applications space, Dicker Data partners can access Microsoft’s Copilot for Power Platform, an AI-powered tool that makes it easier to build apps, bots, and flows. It is a live in-studio copilot that helps makers build solutions and provides suggestions for improvement. What better way to sell the possibilities then by handing over the reins to your customers to explore the toolkit themselves! Our App in a Day & Power Platform deep divers are our highest converting workshops. Register here

Powering purpose with Nonprofit clients

Dicker Data and Microsoft are powering profit and purpose through our Think:Social:Change program. In 2022, Microsoft donated more than $3.2 billion in technology and grants to more than 300,000 nonprofits worldwide. As a business, you too have the power to make a positive impact through providing world-class solutions to the nonprofit sector.

Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit aligns the capabilities of Microsoft 365, Power Platform, Dynamics 365, Azure and LinkedIn to address the most common nonprofit scenarios.

Dicker Data works alongside our partners on this mission through grants and discounts across our product suite, building internal capabilities through curated nonprofit training programs, a dedicated nonprofit presales team, and support to productise your nonprofit offer and build your Microsoft Cloud practice.

The easiest way to find your pathway to purpose is through our 1:1 Solution Building Workshop. Partners can access tailored Nonprofit solution build workshops, demand generation support, lead referrals, technical training and more from Dicker Data. Register here.

Powering partner success

The AI opportunity is here. With Microsoft’s adoption of best-in-class AI, the demand for sophisticated digital solutions is only accelerating. The only question is, are you well positioned to take advantage for your business and customers?

As your value-added distribution partner, Dicker Data enables success through cutting edge solutions from world-class vendors, like Microsoft, free training and enablement services, and exclusive partner benefits, such as funding programs for migration and modernisation. Dicker Data is primed and ready to take your business to the next level. Click here to get in touch with the Dicker Data Microsoft team today or subscribe for our latest updates.

Contact sales@dickerdata.com.au for all your technology needs.


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