Delivering advanced networking and security services, Nutanix Flow provides visibility into virtual networks, application-centric protection from network threats and automation of common networking operations.

Tony Lam Tony Lam Business Manager at Dicker Data
Tony Lam

Help your customers protect their data and apps

Today’s business climate is a keen reminder of the importance of maintaining business operations no matter what. Reacting to security vulnerabilities, breaches or outages caused by malware or ransomware is difficult at the best of times. Right now, we know that “bad actors” are taking advantage of IT teams scrambling to adapt to the “new normal” remote and other working arrangements.

This, added to increasing application complexity, distributed services, and rapid Software as a Service (SaaS) and cloud-based solution growth, means the need to easily visualise, analyse and govern network communications is critical.

How to identify opportunities in your existing customers:

Many of your customers will already have continuity (and prevention) plans in place to deal with cyberthreats, however it's still top of mind for most organisations. 

Questions you can ask your customers to identify opportunities include: 

  • Do you have visibility into how if/how your applications are secured today? What visualisation tools do you use?
  • Do you have a clear view of your data centre’s security posture down to a per-VM or application level?
  • Would improving the process of implementing security policies in your virtualised environment be something of value to your business?
  • Is security or compliance slowing down IT operations?
  • Are you certain your organisation implements security rules at a per-VM level (microsegmentation) and not just perimeter or network security?
  • Do you use VDI and if yes, how do you secure the environment down to the per user level?

Nutanix Flow

Delivering advanced networking and security services, Nutanix Flow provides visibility into virtual networks, application-centric protection from network threats and automation of common networking operations.

Flow can help your customers deploy software-defined virtual networking without the complexity of installing and managing additional products with separate management and independent software maintenance requirements. It offers a policy driven approach to ensure the right access to the right apps at the right time – protecting all their data and apps from cyberthreats, enabled with just a few clicks.

Why customers choose Nutanix Flow

  • Application visibility and discovery: providing insight into the complex communications and dependencies of every application and service.
  • Application security and data protection: allowing easy creation of network or application tier segmentation to protect customers’ users, apps, and data from cyberthreats.
  • Malware protection: through network micosegmentation, customers can block the spread of malware, ransomware, and hackers inside their data centres.

Customers deploy Nutanix Flow to:

  • Keep networking simple and lower costs by leveraging software-defined security policies. Customers can segment networks, operating environments, or workloads regulated by PCI, HIPAA, or GDPR.
  • Prevent malware spread and reduce attack surfaces by limiting applications to only needed network communications.
  • Enhance threat intelligence, detection, and overall security - with Nutanix Ready partner integrations in the virtual network environment.
  • Provide identity-based security to enhance EUC and VDI environment security. Policy is easily governed based on user’s identity and directory service details to control network access to applications and services.

Dicker Data with Nutanix

Dicker Data and Nutanix collaborate to provide Australian IT partners with hyper-converged infrastructure software. Nutanix offers partners a flexible, open technology platform created for tomorrow, that can be marketed today. It’s brimming with innovation – but it’s proven, mature and ready to roll.

With a dedicated Nutanix presales and product management support team, Dicker Data helps partners and their customers understand the opportunities Nutanix delivers. With a strong partner focus, quotes and orders received by 3pm will be responded to and placed on the vendor where required within the same working day.

Nutanix are currently offering flexible Flow Network Security bundles at a special price. Please talk to the Dicker Data team now for more information.


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