Dell ProSupport Plus - proactive IT support to reduce downtime and increase productivity.

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Dell ProSupport Plus: Proactive IT Support

With workforces increasingly dependent on IT, it is imperative that critical infrastructure is maintained and protected from downtime. With much of Australia’s workforce now working remotely, every device could now be considered mission critical infrastructure.

Consider the situation we currently find ourselves in - spare laptops cannot be issued immediately - in many cases they must be shipped across the country, taking days instead of hours to arrive. Depending on the employee’s role, this delay could have considerable impact on productivity and company performance.

About Dell ProSupport Plus

Dell ProSupport Plus was created in response to today’s changing and complex IT environments. This enterprise-class support offer proactively improves performance and stability of critical systems, allowing IT teams to focus on innovation and strategic goals.

Offering more than basic warranty service, ProSupport Plus was designed to provide customers with the peace of mind that they’ll be back up and running quickly should an issue occur. More importantly, it helps customers identify problems before they even occur.

ProSupport Plus offers quick and direct access to engineers, a single contact for hardware and software support, accidental damage repair, and (with SupportAssist) automated proactive detection and resolution of IT issues.

Dell SupportAssist is a proactive and predictive technology that provides automated Technical Support for your Dell systems.

When deployed, SupportAssist monitors each system and proactively detects both hardware and software issues. Depending on your service plan, when an issue is detected, SupportAssist automatically opens a support case with Technical Support and sends you an email notification. SupportAssist enables you to optimize your system by removing unwanted files, optimizing network settings, tuning-up system performance, and removing virus and malware. It also identifies driver updates available for your system.

Lynn Nicol, ANZ Distribution Lead, Dell Technologies said, “ProSupport Plus provides a great way for companies to move away from the simple break/fix control; and administer IT proactively. Tackling potential issues before they become real problems and affect performance is an excellent idea - particularly during the current business climate.”

ProSupport Plus Benefits

Customers using the solution indisputably report a total transformation when it comes to support services. Issues can be resolved in hours instead of days - and customers can bypass phone support and manage cases through a dedicated portal.

ProSupport Plus helps companies:

  • Resolve issues quickly with access to ProSupport engineers and 24x7 support.
  • Reduce/avoid downtime, maximise workload availability, and improve stability with automatic issue detection, support case creation and failure prevention.
  • Automatically increase performance and productivity with proactive issue resolution and telemetry-driven insights.
  • Protect investments with coverage for accidents and data protection through hard drive retention.
  • Take advantage of the included predictive failure analysis and notification with actionable recommendations for remote issue resolution.

Proven Results

It’s a hassle when the technology your employees rely on runs into problems, but it’s an even bigger issue right now when physical access to resources and new equipment is restricted. Addressing issues would be easier if you knew about them before they occurred.

In a test conducted by Dell, the working hard drives in five laptops (with different brands) were each replaced with a failing hard drive. The existing laptop’s image was copied to the bad hard drive, so it ran the same operating system and vendor software as the original good drive. Dell observed what happened after each of the support solutions performed a scan. In real life, the support solutions would execute these scans on a regular schedule.

The Dell laptops tested using ProSupport Plus detected the impending hard drive failure, alerted the user, and provided instructions to open a Dell support ticket, so troubleshooting could begin immediately. None of the other brands detected the failing drive and provided no warning of the impending failure or potential loss of files.

Why Dicker Data and Dell

Awarded Dell Technologies 2019 APJ Distributor of the Year, Dicker Data’s technical presales and solution architects are the most highly certified in the Australian distribution landscape. Working closely with the Dell team and pioneering many new channel-first programs, Dicker Data’s core focus is to become a true extension of our partners’ business and that of their end users/customers.

Dicker Data can help your end customers understand why ProSupport Plus is the perfect choice compared to the competition. It significantly reduces time to resolve a failed hard drive with up to 11x faster time to resolution AND up to 68% fewer steps to resolution. It virtually eliminates unplanned downtime due to hard drive issues.

Dicker Data’s sales teams can also guide partners to maximise vendor incentives/offers, improve pricing and profitability, and manage Dell’s deal registration process to reduce administration, protect deals from competitors, and in some cases gain preferential treatment from Dell.

Dicker Data also offers competitive finance solutions to allow partners to procure products for customers at a monthly price. Regardless of deal size, there is flexibility on contract terms and what to do with devices at the end of the agreement.

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