Cisco has identified six key pillars that determine the cybersecurity resilience of modern businesses.

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Vickie Madeleine

Cybersecurity readiness and resilience in a hybrid world


In today's business landscape, cybersecurity is a top concern as sophisticated attacks continue to impact organisations of all sizes. Organisations have moved from a static operating model – where most people operated from single devices in one location, connecting to a static network – to a hybrid world, increasingly operating from multiple devices in multiple locations, connecting to multiple networks, accessing applications in the cloud and on the go, and generating enormous amounts of data. This presents new and unique cybersecurity challenges and failure to prepare can be costly. Unfortunately, Cisco’s Cybersecurity Readiness Index shows a lack of business resilience in today’s hybrid world and highlights the under-preparedness of many Australian organisations.

In a recent panel discussion at the Dicker Data Cyber Security Symposium, Corien Vermaak, Director of Cyber Security at Cisco, shed light on the readiness of Australian organisations in the face of cybersecurity challenges. Citing Cisco’s inaugural Cybersecurity Readiness Index, based on extensive research involving over 7,000 organisations, she revealed concerning findings. While 92 percent of Australian respondents expect a cybersecurity business disruption in the next 12-24 months, only 11 percent of organisations have a Mature readiness to tackle cybersecurity risks in today’s hybrid world. To address this issue, businesses are realising the importance of investing in cybersecurity, with 91 percent of respondents planning to increase their cybersecurity budgets by at least 10 percent. These figures emphasise the critical need for organisations to prioritise and strengthen cybersecurity to mitigate potential risks and safeguard operations.

Cybersecurity is a collective responsibility that extends beyond management, HR, or CIO levels. As IT providers, we share this duty of care. As your value-added distribution partner, Dicker Data collaborates with world-class vendors, like Cisco, to ensure businesses of all sizes have the most advanced protection. With our industry-certified technical sales and presales teams, we deliver comprehensive solutions spanning the entire technology spectrum.

Six Key Pillars to Cybersecurity Resilience

Dicker Data, in partnership with Cisco Security Solutions, aims to create a safer digital environment, helping businesses safeguard against cyber threats and stay ahead of attackers. Cisco has identified six key pillars that determine the cybersecurity resilience of modern businesses:

  1. Identity & People – Identity forms a core component of Security Resilience Architecture. Multi-factor authentication (MFA) helps secure systems against unauthorised users and their associated threats. MFA also reduces costs by allowing IT departments to deploy resources to other parts of your network to protect against threats. Lastly, MFA makes use of passive methods like biometrics and software tokens for simpler and seamless logins.

    Cisco Solutions that can help strengthen your cybersecurity posture in this area:
                                                                  Cisco Secure Access by DUO     

  1. Devices – In today's dynamic and interconnected environment, achieving robust security resilience across all levels, including operations, financials, and supply chains, is crucial. The Cisco Zero Trust model not only focuses on validating user identities but also places importance on ensuring the integrity of the devices they use to access services and data. This integrity is achieved through a baseline of device security protections, posture controls, and visibility into host activity.

     Cisco Solutions that can help strengthen your cybersecurity posture in this area: Secure End Point Protection, SSE by Umbrella, Secure Email & Secure Access by DUO

  1. Network – The network edge has expanded to encompass remote workplaces, including remote access connections and cloud connectivity points. Access layers, such as switching infrastructure, wireless networks, and VPN/ZTNA, should possess core capabilities to authenticate users, provide segmentation services, and be capable of response and remediation. Networks should be centrally managed and programmable, enabling easy policy creation and implementation of required policies. Additionally, network-based isolation can be triggered by security events, effectively acting as an enforcer.

Cisco Solutions that can help strengthen your cybersecurity posture in this area: Cisco Secure Network Analytics which is our Network Detection Remediation platform, Software Defined Access and Network Segmentation delivered by DNA Centre, ISE and Secure firewall


  1. Application Workloads – Workloads encompass the entire stack of application tiers that enable your internal users to conduct work or allow your customers to interact with your business. Regardless of location, whether in a secure data centre or a hostile cloud environment, it is crucial to provide comprehensive protections for these workloads. This includes the ability to implement protection controls, visualise every component and dependency across any environment, and detect application performance issues or anomalies. Ensuring the security and performance of workloads is paramount in safeguarding business operations.

Cisco Solutions that can help strengthen your cybersecurity posture in this area: Cisco Workload Security, AppDynamics Secure Application, Panoptica

  1. Data – Cisco’s research emphasises the importance of an organisation's ability to inventory, classify, obfuscate, archive, or delete data in accordance with policy. Data protection should extend to devices, applications, and networks. Advanced capabilities include classifying, inventorying, categorising, and monitoring the access of this data. At a foundational level, it is crucial to have visibility into data leaving the network through any encrypted channel. Understanding and controlling data flow is essential for maintaining robust data security.

Cisco Solutions that can help strengthen your cybersecurity posture in this area: CASB by cloudlock/Umbrella, Shadow IT by Umbrella, Data Resiliency with Pure Storage.4


  1. Security Operations: To align with Security Resilience principles, organisations need monitoring, visibility, reporting, and response throughout the full lifecycle of an operation centre. Bringing critical data into view provides the ability to act quickly and reduce threat exposure time. This is tied directly to the tools deployed and the control points where policy is applied.

    Cisco Solutions that can help strengthen your cybersecurity posture in this area: Cisco XDR

Cisco Security Solutions empower individuals and organisations in their cybersecurity journey, taking businesses from the starting gate to best-in-show protection.

Here are Three Ways Cisco Security Solutions Ensures Robust Cybersecurity:

  1. Securing the enterprise – With Cisco, if it’s connected, it’s protected. Cisco enables end-to-end security and threat visibility across your customer’s entire network. Its solutions are built for security transformation, harmonising firewall protection across networks, workloads, and applications and converging network and security functionality in a single-cloud based service. Should a threat get past this first line of defense, Cisco’s Extended Detection and Response solution allows organisations to find and remediate threats faster. Through robust protection, Cisco security keeps your customer’s business moving forward.

  2. A zero-trust approach – In today’s operating environment, a Zero Trust approach is critical. It is possible to enable this while optimising the digital experience. Security should frustrate attackers, not users. For business and security leaders struggling to reduce risk at scale, Cisco helps create and enforce zero trust policies across all control points without compromising user experience or team productivity.

  3. Partner with the best for success – Cisco is a recognised leader in cybersecurity, with a wealth of experience and expertise in developing and implementing effective security solutions. Dicker Data’s team of highly certified experts provide access to Cisco’s best-in-class solutions and empower success through training and development and business growth opportunities. We also drive value for your customers, with exclusive offers, such as our latest Cisco DUO solution, the modern access security designed to safeguard all users, devices, and application and Dicker Data partners can access five free DUO licenses. At Dicker Data, we act as true partners, empowering you to provide comprehensive, seamless, and tailored solutions to your customers.

Take Control of Cybersecurity Today

Cybersecurity is one of the most significant threats facing businesses in today's hybrid world. It is crucial to stay vigilant, understand potential risks, and implement proactive solutions.

Regardless of your current position in the cybersecurity landscape, Cisco solutions are well-equipped to assist you. Whether you require robust Network Security measures, aim to protect your workforce and valuable assets, seek advanced threat detection capabilities, wish to automate security processes and policies, or require a secure web gateway, Cisco has the ideal solution for your needs. Partnering with Dicker Data and Cisco simplifies the solution to this mounting threat, while ensuring world-class protection.

Dicker Data's team of cybersecurity experts is readily available to guide you through each phase of implementation and provide valuable insights. With Cisco and Dicker Data by your side, you can confidently navigate the evolving cybersecurity landscape.

Take control and act now. Protect your customers in today's complex world, reach out to your Dicker Data Cisco Security expert to assess your cybersecurity stance and secure your organisation’s future.


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