How Dicker Data is enabling contactless setup, deployment and delivery for remote workers.

Yasser Elgammal Yasser Elgammal Head of Sales, Cloud & Vendor Alliances at Dicker Data
Yasser Elgammal

Contactless Setup, Deployment & Delivery

The COVID-19 crisis has accelerated workforce reinvention and has highlighted that remote work is a critical enabler of business continuity. As flexible work becomes integral to operations, the post-pandemic outlook is pointing to a hybrid of remote work and physical office.It is predicted that by 2025, 75 percent of the global workforce will be digital natives and as we move to a virtual way of work, the need for digital solutions has already surged.

COVID-19 has changed the way we think and operate. As we move from survival mode to business growth, businesses need to prepare for long term remote environments and changed work conditions. This means not only adopting new work practices, but also factor business continuity elements like Work Health and Safety mandates and empowering teams with future-proofed equipment.

Dicker Data is committed to providing value-added services and solutions to its resellers to ensure the best experience and outcomes for their end users. As well as providing a range of staging and configuration for End User devices, Dicker Data is working with its partners to ensure they are enabling them to get the right device in their end users hands as quickly as possible, ready to go, without even needing to handle the device themselves.

Dicker Data enables remote work safely and effectively

Gone are the days of complex and tedious processes with setting up devices. The success of today’s business operations relies on fast, flexible and remote connectivity. Whether working with small to large enterprises, Dicker Data’s partners can rely on streamlined configuration of remote operational and technical environments.

Specialised engineers and a purpose-built facility

Uniquely, Dicker Data houses an onsite purpose-built facility, designed to fulfil specific project requirements no matter the complexity. From item level and singular customisation through to the roll-out of multiple devices, Dicker Data’s inhouse engineers provide scalable and customised configuration, ensuring devices are completely set up and connected before they’re dispatched and delivered to the end user’s door.

Seamless integration and customised configuration

Fast-tracking the system set-up phase, Dicker Data configures devices with end user specific components integrated within the device; including their everyday business applications, network configurations and polices. All of which are applied to the end-user’s device, ready to roll upon arrival.  

Pre-dispatch services include endpoint deployment via the latest tools including Autopilot and System Center Configuration Management (SCCM). Devices can have additional hardware integrated, SOE images loaded, BIOS updated, firmware updated and operating system installation. Additional offerings include remote access to devices, electrical test and tag, custom software installation and asset tagging to name some.

To add a personal touch, partners can also bundle services to include welcome kits and company information and updates upon a user’s first log-in.

This ensures remote workers are equipped with devices ready for work, straight out of the box, improving user experience, customer-service and ultimately bolstering productivity. 

Storage and contactless delivery

Partners can also choose to store devices until their customers need them. Dicker Data’s Project Logistics and Storage (3PL) offers flexible and secure warehousing and logistics solutions to support one off projects, long term rollouts, or warehousing requirements. This means partners can store devices and customise the delivery to suit end user requirements and timeframes.

In line with social distancing mandates by the Australian Government and World Health Organisation, Dicker Data has activated ‘contactless’ delivery across Australia, supported by a team of experienced IT logistics specialists, delivery drivers and a partnership with StarTrack.

Dicker Data’s Financial Services (DDFS)

With changing economic landscape and pressures to mobilise quickly, Dicker Data supports partners with tailored monthly, scalable device and infrastructure finance solutions with reseller and end user financing options. 

DDFS allows for financial predictability and cash flow optimisation transforming CAPEX investments into manageable monthly payments at competitive rates. Partners can build financial solutions for their customers with the opportunity to bundle hardware, software cloud and subscription services into monthly invoices. DDFS exclusively provides the only direct financing model in the industry, with capacity to put its own balance sheet into every deal with no outsourced banks, brokers or leasing companies.  

Working with partners to build out their own MSP Infrastructure, DDFS can help partners accelerate their own recurring revenue streams by building the MSP infrastructure to service customers today – with the ability to upgrade and upscale as needed.

Leased assets and renewals at SKU level can also be tracked with Dicker Data’s TheAssetAdvantage™ tool which facilitates statutory reporting needs and managing customer refresh cycles.

As Australia’s leading IT distributor, Dicker Data is supporting partners and their end users prepare for a sustainable and long-term remote work enablement through contactless setup, delivery and value-added services tailored to individual requirements.

Talk to your account manager or contact our sales team to discuss your needs, or ask any questions. 


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