With Cisco Meraki, integrate security to protect against advanced threats, deliver superior performance in the highest density wireless environments, and expand digital workplaces.

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Michele Thompson

Cisco Meraki for Managed Service Providers

As technology has become more sophisticated over the years, so has the level of complexity. Many businesses today must choose between hiring an expensive team of experts in order to take advantage of these technologies or accept being left behind.

Meraki’s mission is ultimately about:

  • Reducing the barrier to entry for powerful, expert-level IT
  • Giving customers and Managed Service Providers time back to focus on higher-value, more strategic tasks

For the Managed Service Providers that are under fundamental disruption due to new technologies, new players, new ways of doing business, Cisco Meraki is a great way to get your foot in the door ahead of all of those competitors.

With Meraki you’ll be able to increase your overall business impact, first to market with new services and with the Meraki platform, it allows you to rapidly launch these services. Getting to market and getting it out to your customer. Allowing you to grow your revenue, reduce your cost, and mitigate risk for your end customers.

Most recently, Cisco Meraki introduced APIs and ever since that launch, Meraki have had approx. 45M+ API requests served daily. Check out the Meraki Marketplace for 3rd party API partner solutions.

Whether you have customers that are small business or a global enterprise company, Meraki is scalable to support any level of organisation with our rich features and expansion of our product line.

All of Cisco Meraki products come with a unique set of features out of the box with built in management and analytic tools. To manage these devices, you simply log into your dashboard with your user name and password and you’ll be able to manage these devices remotely.

Cisco Meraki is 100% scalable – we have unlimited throughputs, no bottlenecks, and you’ll be able to add devices or sites in minutes.

Learn More: Cisco Solutions for MSP providers

Start your Meraki MSP journey by signing up for a Meraki Partner Portal, and speaking with your Dicker Data rep today.


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