Managing these complex and ever-changing challenges can be time consuming and difficult. However, Quest offers a new approach.

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Rhonda Chandler

Can you help improve your customer's digital world?

Digital transformation is now a business reality bringing increased efficiencies, new customer experiences, and improved service delivery. But with innovation comes complexity. Today businesses face challenges around data explosion, cloud expansion, hybrid data centres, security and compliance. The new normal brought on by COVID-19 has meant many additional challenges - with tomorrow sure to bring even more.

Managing these complex and ever-changing challenges can be time consuming and difficult. Quest offers a new approach - with the promise that your customers will spend less time on IT administration and more time on business innovation. As a global software provider to 130,000 companies across 100 countries, Quest offers a solution portfolio covering database management, data protection, identity and access management, Microsoft platform management, and unified endpoint management.

Quest helps you help your clients to manage and protect their data, keep track of every network connected device, take control of Microsoft platforms and hybrid environments, while managing compliance and governing every identity across an enterprise - all essential in these uncertain times.

Database Management

As data expands to previously unthinkable volumes, database technology has become more complex. Many organisations struggle to efficiently manage their data environment, standardise database performance monitoring, and ensure greater data availability.

What if you could help minimise your customer’s storage footprint while allowing easier management, monitoring, migration, replication, protection and security of data?

Quest offers the top-ranked ISV for database management software tools in the world. So customers can simplify their complex technology to manage, monitor and move data across a wide variety of on-premises and cloud-based systems.

Data Protection, Backup and Disaster Recovery

Data is growing in volume and complexity, system uptime and performance expectations are increasing, and your customers are spending more time and money keeping up with an ever-changing business.

In the last few months, most organisations have had to switch very quickly to remote work. Pivoting an entire workforce to operate remotely puts pressure on any business continuity strategy. What happens to regular data backup procedures when so many employees abruptly transition to home? And what about increased security risks from home networks, untrusted personal devices, non-sanctioned file sharing technologies and the rapid rise of malware, spyware, other dangerous content, and phishing attacks capitalising on COVID-19?

Whether your customers are trying to manage a multitude of new users in a virtual desktop environment, storing and retrieving data from the cloud or backing up their most important, private company information, Quest delivers backup and disaster recovery solutions that can ensure business continuity.

By taking a holistic approach to systems management, data storage, and data protection, your customers can control their data growth, future proof their data protection strategy, prevent data loss, and improve the predictability and cost-effectiveness of investments they make now, and in the future.

Identity and Access Management

Remote working also causes additional complexity and time in managing identity and access on various platforms. One Identity, a Quest Software business, helps organisations establish an identity-centric security strategy. With a unique identity and access management (IAM) portfolio, the award-winning offering includes identity governance, AD-centered IAM, privileged access management and identity SaaS solutions, One Identity helps organisations secure their enterprise end to end, smoothly make their digital transformation, eliminate identity challenges, and reduce their attack surface from internal and external threats.

Microsoft Platform Management

For nearly 20 years, companies have turned to Quest Software to migrate, manage and secure Microsoft platforms, including Active Directory, Exchange, Office 365, and now Teams. Quest provides the most comprehensive set of Microsoft platform management solutions.

No matter where - on premises, cloud or hybrid - Quest is the go-to provider to help reduce time and money spent on managing Microsoft platforms so customers have more time to drive their business forward.

Unified Endpoint Management

Customers must take control of network-connected devices and automate endpoint management tasks for peace of mind that license compliance regulations are met and networks are secure from cybercriminals. Quest’s unified endpoint management solution allows customers to view and manage all devices and activity across an IT environment from a single location. It supports multiple platforms from Windows and Mac, to Linux and UNIX machines and Chromebooks.

Cloud Management 

What if you could offer your customers a way to simplify cloud migration, management, security and compliance?

Whatever their platform, Quest can help simplify your customer’s journey to the cloud and formulate a sustainable cloud strategy. They can migrate from on-premises to hybrid to the cloud with minimal cost, risk and downtime - and easily manage, monitor and secure a hybrid environment for the short- and long-term.

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