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Why Dicker Data as a Distributor for Quest?

Dicker Data is the sole distributor partner for Quest servicing Australian IT resellers. Dicker Data work closely with the team at Quest to solve and simplify your customers toughest IT challenges, providing software solutions for the face paced world of enterprise IT.

Our dedicated, in house Dicker Data Quest team consists of licensing specialists, dedicated BDMs, product managers and more, in which our Australian IT partners can leverage technical expertise. Our team will ensure a fast turn around of quotes and purchases orders, assistance with registration opportunities and easy access to Quest solutions.

Quest’s Partner Circle program gives members access to multiple resources including deal registration, incentives, sales and marketing tools and product support. These resources are designed to help partners drive profits and increase their capabilities.

Quest - simple solutions for a complex world


Quest Data Protection Distributor

Quest’s data protection solutions deliver backup and recovery, cloud migration and management, virtualization protection, deduplication and replication for physical and virtual environments, Office 365 data protection and disaster recovery for business continuity. Quest data protection solutions are designed to help future proof backup & recovery, discover hidden resources and control constant data growth. Quest’s QoreStor is cloud-connected data storage, deduplication and replication software. With QoreStor software-defined cloud storage, deduplication and replication, connect to the cloud faster, accelerate backup performance, reduce storage requirements and replicate data faster and safer to the cloud for archiving and disaster recovery. Quest rapid recovery enables users to backup and quickly recover anything regarledd of your physical, virtual or cloud environment.

Quest Microsoft Platform Management

With Quest software migrate, manage and secure Microsoft platforms including Aztive Directory, Exchange, Office 365, Azure and more. Regardless of your environment, on premises, cloud or hybrid, Quest is a go to provider to help reduce time and money spent on managing Microsoft platforms. Quest On Demand provides one simple and secure solution to migrate all your Office 365 workloads. Quest® On Demand is a secure, reliable Azure-hosted SaaS platform to help IT teams overcome the most pressing Office 365 workload challenges, with solutions for Tenant-to-tenant migration, Backup and recovery, User license management, Group management, Security and compliance auditing.

Quest Unified Endpoint Management Distributor

Quest’s unified endpoint management solution enables users to take control of network-connected devices and automate endpoint management takes, providing peace of mind that license compliance regulations are met and that networks are secure from cybercriminals. With endpoint visibility view and manage all devices and activity across an IT environment from a single location.  Quest’s endpoint management software supports multiple platforms from Windows and Mac, to Linux and UNIX machines and Chromebooks.

Identity & Access Management Distributor

With Quest One Identity eliminate complexities and time-consuming processes, unify identity management across platforms and environments, and simplify and modernise your identity administration and governance, privileged account management and access control. With One Identity, companies can address the most pressing Identity and Access Management challenges of on-premises, cloud or hybrid environment. At the same time, organizations can enhance they agility, improve operations, strengthen security, get compliant and be ready for tomorrow.


Frequently asked questions

Quest offers simple IT management software for complex and ever changing world of enterprise IT. Quest addresses challenges caused by data explosion, cloud expansion, hybrid datacenters, security threats and regulatory requirements. Identify your customers everyday challenges and find a Quest solution that could address it, simplify it and automate it.

In order to resell Quest solutions you need to be a registered Dicker Data reseller. Any Dicker Data partners can leverage Quest solutions for their end users. 


In order to access deal registration you will need to become a Quest Partner by joining the Quest Partner Circle Program. Learn more about the Partner Circle benefits here. 

You can register your business with Quest by completing the online application form here


If you require any help with the application please email our team for assistance. 

In order to register a Quest deal you need to ensure you are a registered Quest partner. You can then submit your deal registration via this link. 


If you need assistance with this process please reach out to our Dicker Data team. 

Quest is the go-to software vendor for everything Microsoft. With Quest, you have one partner and one set of Office 365 solutions to address all your migration, management and security needs - across Azure AD Exchange Online, OneDrive for Business, SharePoint Online and Teams. Whether you're just migrating to the cloud or need help protecting all the data in it. 


Gartner cited Quest as the ONLY vendor to deliver all 40 of the 40 essential features and functionalities expected in an Office 365 migration tool, according to it's 2019 Market Guide for Cloud Office Migration Tools. 

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Quest Distributor
for Australian IT Resellers

Quest is a global software technology provider developing solutions designed to solve the toughest IT challenges. Quest provides the software solutions to tackle enterprise level IT challenges involving, the management and protection of data, control of hybrid environments, keeping track of all network-connected devices and governing every identity across an enterprise.


Whether your customers IT challenges involve data explosion, security threats, cloud expansion or something new, Quest’s software solutions solve complex problems with simple software solutions. Quest technologies eliminates the need to choose between efficiency and effectiveness with products suitable to integrate with a variety of environments. Founded back in 1987, Quest is a global provider to over 130,000 companies including 95% of the Fortune 500.

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