Did you know, Gartner has forecast that the number of users for desktop-as-a-service – a key foundation for hybrid work – will grow by more than 150 percent between 2020 and 2023? 

Roshantha Pillay Roshantha Pillay Citrix Marketing Lead at Dicker Data
Roshantha Pillay

Becoming irreplaceable in the hybrid work arena

Life is too short to blend in with the crowd.  

In a competitive market, you want to be different, with something unique to offer. That’s what makes you valuable, even irreplaceable, and ensures you’re not left competing only on price. 

The hybrid differentiation opportunity 

As technology resellers we all know differentiation helps us increase our business’ competitive advantage and win customers, grow our business and maximise our profit.  We also know that hybrid work is a big growth area – and one that’s here to stay. According to Accenture, 83 percent of global employees want a hybrid work model. Gartner, meanwhile, has forecast that the number of users for desktop-as-a-service – a key foundation for hybrid work – will grow by more than 150 percent between 2020 and 2023. 

But in a world where everyone is now pushing hybrid work offerings, differentiating while offering your customers the best options, can be complex.  

Just like managed services before them, hybrid work solutions are becoming ‘part of the furniture’. From the big tech companies to new and nimble start-ups, there’s a slew of hybrid work solutions being showered on your customers.  

At the same time your customers want to get their technology from someone they trust to understand their needs. Someone with clear and focused expertise in building and managing unique, built-for-purpose hybrid work solutions. And that’s where you – in partnership with Citrix and Dicker Data – come in.  

With an integrated suite of hybrid work solutions, Citrix provides the freedom and flexibility you need to help solve your customers’ hybrid work problems and power a smarter way of working for them – while creating the differentiation you need to stand out from the crowd.  

From delivering work-spaces that are as flexible as your customer’s workforce through Citrix DaaS, to taking the complexity out of app delivery and boosting security and productivity with Citrix App Delivery and Security, Citrix provides a suite of integrated hybrid work solutions to turn your smart ideas to help your customers into reality. Discover Citrix’s offerings here.

The opportunity to be intentional

While for many, the move to remote work was driven by the Covid pandemic, and as such was marked by urgency with the rapid need to enable remote work as lockdowns hit full force, the transition to hybrid work provides the opportunity to be more thoughtful and intentional.  

It’s a chance for valued resellers to work with customers to imagine a better way to work – a way that provides the flexibility demanded by workers, with increased productivity and engagement, all while putting in place the foundations for an exciting – albeit unpredictable – future.  

Partner programs designed for differentiation

Here at Dicker Data, we’re always striving to find ways to help our partners differentiate themselves and maximise what they can offer their customers.  

Our Citrix Sellers Club offers training to ensure you’re ahead of the game and have skills you can showcase to customers. There’s also an abundance of resources, including marketing resources and offers to help you grow your business. 

So, if you're ready to stand out from the crowd and capitalise on the hybrid work trend, talk to one of the Dicker Data team today, or check out our new Citrix site


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